"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Think Too Much

Do you ever get stymied? 

Unable to move forward because of all the thoughts jumbled up in your head? 

Maybe it's my lack of quality REM sleep lately but I just can't seem to get a blogpost together today. 

I've started 5 times and have deleted every one.

Nothing makes sense and yet everything does. 

Am I distracted? 

Not really.  I suffer from a more unusual problem.

I think too much. 

Do you ever get this way?

I'm in one of my introspective moods.  You know, stuff happens and I think "Why?" and I gotta know.  So I research. 

And I think.

This morning alone I was surfing internet articles on "the qualities of leadership" (work thoughts), "algae blooms in Destin Fla" (vacation thoughts) and "the origins of Godzilla" just because SM had on one of the 1950's Godzilla movies with Raymond Burr in it.  (Which was good for a laugh BTW.)

Besides all the jumbles in my head, SM is in a sociable mood today. 

Talking, talking, talking. 

(Geez, it's like he wants to spend time with me or something.)

But I feel like my brain is misfiring a bit.  Now that I've collected so many random thoughts, I can't seem to hold on to a single one of them.   

Even SM's hanging around me is making me crazy.

So I dig into my purse and pull out my credit card. 

Yesterday was payday.

"Wanna go to Sam's Club for me?"  I ask waving it in front of him.

"I'm driving you nuts aren't I?"  SM asks.  "You want me outta here don't you?"

"Please?  I just need to decompress from yesterday."  (Intense day at work.)

"OK.  I'll get out of your hair."  SM says grabbing the card.

"You're wonderful."  I say with a kiss.



Now the only voice in my head is my own.

Now if only she would shut up...

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