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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yesterday was a blue sky day with temps hovering around 80 degrees.  Can you believe it?

Neighbors who have been in hiding for the past 4 months suddenly emerge like butterfly's from their cocoons.  Wow, there are people living in all those houses?  Who knew?

Everyone was out and about doing stuff in their yards.  Kids riding bikes, dogs were barking, neighbors hollering "Hello" after having stayed cooped up all winter.  Lawn mowers and chain saws were humming.

Yep.  Spring has arrived in the Piedmont. 

POP!  Just like that.

The Red Buds are in bloom.  Most of the Bradford Pears are also beginning to pop this week.  And there's a lone peach blossom on the peach tree that we attacked last week.

You can see that even our maple tree has that "haze" of color you see just before they leaf out completely.  (See the header pic)

I noticed this week that I'm already getting stuffy when I'm outside so I've started on my preemptive dose of Claritin.  It's hard to believe that the pollen will be cranking out full blast soon.  You really gotta live here to understand just how intense the pollen gets.  Unless you're SM.  Nothing bothers him!

I pulled out all the hoop house stuff and got THAT set up.  Lettuce and carrots are under the hoop, while the sugar peas and onions will be out in the open as they can take a hit of the frost that we'll do doubt continue to get for the next month or so.

I also started my tomatoes and peppers. 

I set up a smaller, separate dish for my neighbor Deb who just started a small kitchen garden beside her garage last year.  She had bought all her plants from the nursery last year but I offered to start some for her instead.  I also gave her my Baker Creek catalog back in December as inspiration and gave her some of the gazillion onion sets that just didn't fit in my garden. 

Can you tell I'm trying to convert her? 

I can't tell you how nice it is to get outside after all the rain and cold we've had.  I know that seems like I'm rubbing your nose it.  Particularly those of you with several inches of snow still on the ground.


I suppose I AM rubbing your nose in it.

Take THAT!   (Whaaa Haa Ha!)


  1. I love it:) I am living vicariously through you and other bloggers, since I am not sure if we will have a garden this year.

  2. Enjoy your lovely, lovely spring! (But I really don't want those 80 degree temperatures! You can keep those. My system would short out if subjected to something like that right now!) Our temp this morning was +1 . . . but better than the -10 they had predicted!