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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slap Me Upside The Head And Take Away My Charge Card

I'm starting to feel that SM and I are improving the economy single handedly.


I guess it's not that hard to do since we've put off making any improvements to the house in over 5 years.  Inside and out, it's time to just suck it up and replace, renovate and repair.

It sure ain't cheap is it?

It's a good thing that I've been getting a lot of extra hours at work.  The bank account has been Yo-Yo ing.  Cash in, cash out.  Nice and fat, then drained dry.

(I get the hives just thinking about it.)

So besides the "in progress" bathroom (we're still undecided on the shower area), we found a new reclining love seat and reclining extra wide chair for SM back in January (on sale at Macys) and took delivery on it a few weeks ago.

Why is it that when you change one little thing in a room, it kick starts a whole room renovation?  I really wasn't planning on doing anything to the living room but replace the nasty, stained 20 yo carpeting.

But with the new furniture all that's changed!  Suddenly everything looks old and dated.  Scruffy!

Now I'm looking at repainting the walls and buying new accessories like pillows, wall art, coffee and end tables, lamps...  (sigh) 

It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya!

Plus I HATE shopping! 

I hate it more than I can say which is why we've been doing so much of it while the weathers been so crappy!  SM pushes me out the door with the logic that all I'm going to do is sit and watch TV.  He's right. 

So off we go hunting for more crap.

Yesterday, we found a discontinued 5 x 8 rug for our kitchen floor at Pottery Barn. 

PB has great quality stuff but who can afford it?  We usually steer clear of them but they offered the rug for $190.  (Usually costs $350)  The colors were in line with the kitchen walls and cabinet color (Thank God) so we went ahead and jumped on it. 

I was also eyeballing some of their pillows that were on sale ($48 reg $18 sale) until I realized that it was for the covers only.  I guess this is how PB sells them.  You buy the cover and the pillow insert separately.  Once you do that these pillows are easily 50 buck or more!!

Once I realized that I knew I was in the wrong store.  Just get the carpet and go already!

Fortunately today is a clear blue sky day.  So what if it's chilly out?  At least I can get some yard work done.

Which got me to thinking about stuff that I keep putting off buying for the garden.

So I sat here this morning and placed my order for my onion sets.  I also went shopping for shade cloth (sun damaged produce), row covers (insect control) and a kneeling gizmo (all that weeding to look forward to). 


I've been wanting all of these things for a few years now and I'm excited to see the benefits of using them.

Whew...Now I can put away my ever so hot (and sizzling) charge card and go outside and enjoy the day.

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  1. I can so relate to the money outlay! We just totaled what we've spent on our remodeling (gulp, gasp, choke, faint!). Like you, we did a lot of the work ourselves, but still . . . holy moly!! We haven't spent any money on furniture yet (thanks to our dear daughter needing to store some of hers . . . in our house!) but that will inevitably have to happen one of these days. On the positive side, you're going to have and enjoy these home improvements for YEARS and I happen to think your home environment is a very, very important thing so don't stress over your half melted charge card. It will recover.