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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Madness...

Not much to report here this weekend.  Miss March (link to a letter I wrote) is thumbing her nose at us once again and giving us a really crappy weekend. 

40's and drizzly rain.  Not enough rain to soak the soil mind you, but just enough rain to keep you from working on projects outside. 

All the blooming trees and bushes are in a state of "pause" with the drop in temps.  It's like going into a florists refrigerator out there.

Could I show you that the lettuce has sprouted in the hoop house?  Yep.  Could I show you that the peas are popping up?  Sure.  But they're huddled so close to the soil that's it's not worth the picture.  The onions look the same as when I planted them.  Little toy solders. 

The tomato starts have their second leaves forming and the sweet peppers are peeking their heads up out of the soil.  I've been moving them back and forth from under the grow light on the counter to the south facing window whenever the sun is out, which ain't happening today.

Ah, the madness of March.  So close and yet so far.

So we'll let her be the little stinker that she is.  SM will plant his tookus in his chair and enjoy a weekend of College B-Ball tournaments.  Go Bucks!

Me?  I guess I'll be doing the usual.  Cooking, cleaning and browsing your blogs.

Are you getting as stir crazy as I am?


  1. Heck, I was promised lows in the 40s this week, and woke up to 27F. I have spinach seedlings that will be large enough to pick before I even get them set out in the garden. Should have covered my lettuce bed last night, but 27 was NOT expected :-(

  2. I want to be OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm not just "stir" crazy Tami,
    I'm "blenderize, frothy whip" crazy, lol!
    It's STILL snowing here - granted March in the NE is never a heatwave but good grief I actually shoveled again yesterday.

    Wrong, oh so wrong - lol

    Promise not to laugh when I tell you that yesterday I put my packets of seeds (pea, radish, sunflower etc) on the desk next to my laptop - much the same way a kid would drag out a fav blanket or stuffed animal - for comfort :-) (I know, I need help)

    Can't wait to smell the earth from the large fields turned and from my little side 'pampered experiments' garden.....


  4. I invite you to combat your stir craziness by coming here to help us with our wild, crazy, frenzied sorting, organizing and cleaning. I can hardly believe both of us are into this at once. We're making fantastic progress and I can see so much improvement that I don't even care that it's been gray, damp and 30 degrees all day. However, we just came down from a couple of hours in the unfinished storage loft off hubby's office and I feel as if I should be hosed off and change clothes immediately because of all the dead and half-dead flies up there. Eeeeuuw! Where do they all come from??