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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sticky Notes and Suspicious Minds

This week was Spring Break Week for the schools in our area.  (It's amazing how much lighter traffic is heading into work.  Just like Summer!) 

Anyway, my work schedule unexpectedly dropped off on Wednesday.  My co-workers assured me that they could indeed survive without me, so I took Wednesday off. 

Yeah Me!

Tuesday night I thought about everthing what I wanted to get done around here and wrote it all down on a sticky note. 

I really don't know where I'd be without them.  Besides being a nice reminder to a girl who has the attention span of a flea, they also represent my ongoing hopes and dreams of tasks and projects that need to get done around here.

The pups are used to a set routine everyday.  They seem to know by my actions if it's a weekend or a work day.  Ginny in particular is super sensitive to my vibe.  I started off the day as usual.  Dogs were walked and fed by 6 am.   Everyone curled up in their favorite spots for their after breakfast digestive snooze. 

Ginny was in her spot but I felt her eyes on me.  If I twitched, her ears would swivel.  If I got up, so did she, following me around.

By 7am she knew something was up since I hadn't showered and put on my scrubs.  As the day progressed and I got on about doing some of the stuff on the sticky, she was my ever present shadow. 

I picked a pretty good day to be off.  Blue skies, breezy with a high pollen count.  Yeah me!

So outside we went.  Ginny is immediately suspicious and made a beeline for the furthest point away from me.  Why is she suspicious? 

It's been a month since her last bath.

Ginny likes to play "catch me if you can" when it's bath time.  Round and round the shed we go until she finally breaks for the house and the tub.  She's fine after that but for some reason we have to play out that little drama every time.

But it's too cold for a bath today so while Miss Ginny kept a safe distance, I hopped into the garden to see what's up.

Not much.  The weeds sure like it though so I grabbed my handy dandy kneeling gizmo from Gardeners Supply and went on the attack. 

I really like the kneeler.  Very easy to hoik about and the cushion is nice and thick.  I can sit on it or flip it over and kneel on it.  I spent about an hour weeding the walkway and one raised bed. 

Geez, it's gonna take a while to get this garden cleaned up! 

I then ran Scooter over to the Vet.  We decided he needs a dental and scheduled that.  On the way home, I took Scooter over to a nearby park and we walked around enjoying the day.

Back home, I parked my butt in a chair out in the sunshine and read a book.  And dozed.

"Hey little Pig..."

So did I get everything on the list done?  Hm. 

Transplant tomatoes / Vet / Weed Strawberries / Hair appointment set up.  Check!

Meat cooked up for dinner...Yep.

Compost?  No.  Clean the AC unit.  No.

Well, 5 out of 7 isn't too bad.  

Plus I had plenty of exhausted pups at the end of the day.  Very Nice!




  1. Oh, those pooches are so doggone cute!
    Glad you had some me time.

  2. Hehe, she didn't know what to think of you being home on a workday :) Glad to hear you had a nice day off.

  3. The pooches are EXHAUSTED from you being home! Good thing you aren't home every day or they'd just keel over from exhaustion :)

    Oh, and you can eat all that dead nettle around your strawberry plants! You know, if you're desperate for some fresh greens. Not very flavorful, but I've been known to grab some & put them in eggs or quiche just for some live green stuff in the winter.

  4. They do get suspicious of changes, don't they? I see we both pepper our countertops with sticky notes - I couldn't get anything done without them! It's funny how we seem to get tons more done on 'surprise' days off!

  5. Love your doggie pics! I'd say 5 out of 7 checks on your list is a darn good day. You sure do seem to cram an awful lot into a day's time. Do you take a Geritol every morning? (Do they still make Geritol?) (Is/was Geritol made for "old" people? If so, you don't qualify for it.)

  6. I put stickies everywhere. On the front door when I absoultely positively need to bring something to work. In my library book cookbooks to mark recipes that I want to copy. I have to admit that I even used to put stickies on one of my cats. It was a game that Catlett loved and they didn't hurt or pull out hair (much). She would pull it off and pounce on it until it was "dead". A good time was had by all.