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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Try, Try Again and Something New

I've tried the "re-grow" your own celery thing last year, unsuccessfully. 

I goggled it again and saw that I needed to change the water out daily (oops...didn't do that) and transplant it after only 5-7 days.  Mine hung out in water for several weeks.  And rotted.

So we'll try this one more time. 

Speaking of trying...A few years ago I tried to get sweet potato slips started from the potatoes I'd bought at the store.  Turns out the potatoes must've been sprayed to prevent sprouting.

I've never grown sweet potatoes in the garden and since I am living in sweet potato country, it seems like sacrilege not to make an effort.  I know you can buy slips online but I really don't need 47,000 of the little buggars.

So where can I find an organic sweet in Charlotte North Carolina?

I've never been in a Whole Foods store before.  It's nice in that "I've got nothing to do but spend a lot of money on specialty items" kind of way.  Upscale.  Pretty.  It's a shopping experienceAnd since I generally hate shopping I ran in and out one day after work. 

Sorry, Whole Foods...wasted on me.

Impressed?  Not really.  No offense, but the best veggies are the one you grow yourself.  If you can.  Or even want to.  Yep, you got variety Whole Foods.  I knew you would carry organic Sweets.  Turns out you had 3 different kinds.

Uh Oh.  Since I know absolutely nothing about sweet potatoes, I just winged it and bought 2 different varieties.  I have no idea what they are.  I guess we'll see what happens.  I read that they don't like amended soil (got plenty of that) and that they need lots of space. 

Any other advice from you experienced sweet potato growers?


  1. They are one of the easiest things to grow. Start with a good slip and you're on your way!

    Did the sweets you bought indicate where they came from? Whole Foods is usually pretty good about that. If they're local, you should have no trouble. Can't wait to see your success!

  2. I just shove them in the ground and , ensuring they get regular water, I leave them alone. Sweet potatoes have amazing almost heart shaped leaves - with almost vine like growth.

  3. Sorry, no advice from here, but looking forward to others advice on the sweet taters cause I've got about a half dozen of them little cut up suckers in a dish with sprouts.....now I don't know what to do with them!!!

    I did the same thing with the celery as you did, and it rotted. Guess I didn't read the instructions....Imagine that.

  4. Tami

    Sweet Potatoes slips can be purchased from Renfrow's in Matthews. Also, if you are on Facebook please join Grow Share Charlotte. A lot of information provided by gardners and instructors. https://www.facebook.com/groups/113006355406147/


  5. Your sweet potato set -up looks like mine! When they "slip " pull them off and plant them. Hey if I can grow sweet potatoes in Northern Cali, you my dear will certainly be successful in North Carolina!

  6. eat the sweet potato leaves! they're good!