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Friday, April 26, 2013

We Sneaked Into The Garden

SM and I finally got some garden time in yesterday. 

For me that meant yanking on weeds and Bermuda grass.

While I was doing that, SM replaced our old garden hose.  I had 4 hoses connected together if you can believe it.  (I didn't.)  No wonder the water pressure sucked!  One of the hoses popped a leaky spray a month ago and since I wasn't using it much, SM made a connecter fix. 

Then the hose closest to the sprayer started to bulge like an anaconda who'd swallowed a rat.

While fascinating to see that bubble get bigger and bigger, I told SM he'd better replace it quick as I had visions of myself all dolled up for work, heading out to the garden in the morning for a quick spray and getting busted all over.

SM also finished creating his masterpiece. 

A tomato support fence.  We had some T-posts and rabbit fence leftover so SM is trying that instead of the good ole wooden stakes that he used last year.  Once the tomatoes get to a certain size we'll tie them to the fencing.

I was hoping to talk SM into running for a load of compost but he needed the truck for an job and bugged out shortly after that. 

Running away while the wife is home 24-7 is a smart thing for a guy to do.  Funny thing is, he keeps coming back! 


Even now the poor man is in there snoozing (probably dreaming of golfing) and has absolutely no idea all the plans I have for his sorry butt.  

The weather forecast has today and tomorrow as the last of the sunny days so I'm under a deadline to get things done outside. 

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  1. LOL. You sure keep your hubby hoppin, huh?
    Enjoy the day outside. Y'all are so blessed to get regular rain. Can't wait to be up there to enjoy it too.