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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wicking Fabric and Battery Operated Bliss

Isn't it funny how you ebb and flow through this process called menopause?

Last month I was bitching and complaining about how I could hardly get any sleep because my night time flashes were coming on every half hour or so with corresponding cold chills between them.

Such misery!

But do I take your advice?  Nope.  No herbal supplements, no HRT.  (I'm a pill-a-phobe, what can I say?)

I just tell myself that with each hot flash I'm one step closer to the finish line.

And what a difference a month makes!  Now I flash every 1-2 hours so I can at least get a little REM. 

What is different is that I'm round the clock now.

Yep.  Daytime flashes too. 

And now I don't just GLOW.

Oh no.



And I turn a bright RED. 

Which is always fun when I'm on the job working up patients.  I try to ignore it but it's embarrassing and kinda frustrating when all I really want to do is go find a cool spot and fan myself off.

Or strip.  

When I'm at home and SM see's me flashing like this he actually gets squirmy.  Uncomfortable. 

Several years ago his Dr wanted him on Niacin.  He tried it and gave it up after having the hot flushes with it. 

"If what you're going through is anything like that..."  SM says shaking his head.

And so the other day I come home and SM has a surprise for me.

I didn't even ask for any of this.  I started laughing as I picked up the little pink hand held fan. 

"Battery operated bliss, Huh?"  I asked with my eyebrows up. 

(How times have changed, LOL)

We both tore into them.  Misting fans for this Summer.  SM likes the big blue one and says he'll use it when he's out on a job. 

The little pink fan is now in my purse and while it doesn't throw off THAT much air, any little bit helps. I even tossed in a few spare batteries anticipating that I'll be draining the power down on it.

Speaking of staying cool, I discovered the joy of wicking fabric.  This stuff is commonly found in workout gear. 

I wear sports bras all the time.  (I stopped wearing underwire when I gave up my sexy years ago.)  

Anyway, I was out at Target seeing what they had and found these Champion Sports Bras made with wicking fabric. 

 C9 by <em>Champion</em> Women's Seamless Fashion Cami - Flamingo Pink XS

Very comfortable and much cooler that some of my other bras.

Plus they come in a bunch of bright neon colors so SM has something fun to look at as his wife zips through the house doing the hot flash strip!

I also think they look enough like a workout top that if a neighbor happens to see me in the garden with one on it won't freak them out.

"Hey... I never said it was safe look out of your windows around here."



  1. That's a good man you got there :)

  2. Tami, as long as you keep your wonderful sense of humor through this trying time of womanhood, you'll be just fine! Compared to you, my hot flashes were a piece of cake. I think I was just so deliriously happy to be done with my horribly painful periods that I figured nothing was bad compared to those. My daughter, on the other hand, is having a rough time of it. We were talking at the table the other night and as a hot flash started for her, her ears turned beet red (before the rest of her) and she calmly stated, "I think my ears are about to burst into flames."

  3. I thought I was the only one that flashes start with my ears! And, I agree, SM is a keeper.

  4. The gyn said that until you go for a year without a period, you are not done. Today, I just busted on six months ;-pppppp Not fair.

    My guy has the same problem with the niacin but he still takes it since he is a quadruple member of the "zipper" club. He has a lot of sympathy for us especially since the flashes attack at random times for him.

  5. Oh my gawd, I hear ya sister, lol! I live in zippered layers. Kinda like 'wax on/wax off' but with layers of clothing :-) I adore your battery-cool-offs - I also have tried with varied success - those cooling pads for muscle pain. But nothing beats face in the freezer! for relief (whenever possible) roflmao

    Hugs, Issy

  6. That is horrible but so funny too. I don't have hot flashes, but don't like the heat at all. And I wear sports bras too. I think I'll try to find some of those now. I hope this all goes away soon for you. It can't be fun.