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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Everything is in bloom. 


Except the Crepe Myrtles. 

Even our English Oak which usually waits until May to POP is in leaf.

I was silly enough to wash my car last weekend.  The next day it was coated with a layer of pollen signaling the start of the Yellow Season here in NC.

Cars, floors, black haired dogs...Everything is yellow.

A few days ago we had a line of storms roll through.  As the winds picked up you could see a yellow haze in the air from all the pollen. 

The rain we got was what we call a Spring rain.  Slow and soft and gentle. 

Until the end.

Suddenly it was like a power washer out there.  A hard driving rain.

SM and I were sitting at the kitchen table noting this when suddenly I jumped up and ran out onto the porch and starting flinging cushions out into the yard.

"What are you doing?"  SM hollered over the rain.

"Might as well let the rain wash some of the pollen off these cushions."  I hollered back zinging away.

Once back inside SM pointed out that "The seasons not done yet.  You'll just have to wash those off again, you know." 

"Yeah.  I know.  I just couldn't resist getting some of it off."

Once the storm moved off, I used the hose to try and rinse away more of the pollen off the deck surface.  Sticky stuff!

Then I propped up the cushions to dry in the sun.

Later that day, it got all windy again and you could see a yellow haze in the air.  Back to square one.

Oh well, all that work down the drain.

The yellow season is here to stay for a while.

Better get used to it. 

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  1. You're covered in yellow. We're covered in white. (You can guess what from. Forecast is for up to 10" more of "white" from this afternoon to Monday afternoon.) Each of us in our own little corner of this country has our own set of challenges. But we all live where we do for our personal reasons. Right? RIGHT?? Right.