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Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Fine Line

I mentioned a few posts ago about loosing a lot of our strawberries to rot.  We'd had SO much rain that there wasn't very much you could do about it.

There's a fine line between ripe and rot.

I asked SM if he could go out with me to pick.  After spending a few minutes in the patch SM suggested that he pick only the good ripe berries and then I would come in behind him a pull everything that was rotten.  SM collected about a gallon of harvestable berries.

I, on the other hand, easily tossed 4-5 gallons into the compost pile.

It's a shame that this happened during the height of production but I'd already frozen 7 gallons of berries so the loss wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Even if I went to a Pick Your Own Lot that's already more strawberries than I usually put up for the year. 

I really wanted to get in and weed though. 

What a mess!  Along with all the rain we also had a windy month which blew all the grass seeds from the lawn into the garden.  Freakin Bermuda! 

The ground was perfect for pulling.  Not too muddy and not yet dried out.

By this time SM's brother V and wife D arrived.  The boys quickly made plans to go to Saturdays race.  D came out and helped me weed for a little bit as I really wanted to get this done.  We chatted while we worked but my back was tightening up and I really felt funny about D pulling weeds while on her "getaway" weekend. She told me she liked this kind of work.  It still felt weird.

Looks like another nice day today.  I'm sure I'll squeeze in a bit more weeding while everyone is sleeping in and having coffee.  I'll have to put most tasks on the back burner while we have our guests here. 

After all, there's fine line between being sociable and being rude.

Hmm.  Lots of fine lines aren't there? 

And a lot of them are on my face @;)


  1. You'll be eating berries for a while! Enjoy.

  2. Glad you managed to harvest some - I know the feeling though. My disastrous tomato harvest this year really hurt - win some, lose some. I shouldn't complain as the harvest I had in Jan - April 2012 was a whopper!

  3. Thanks for the tips about cardboard smothering WEEDs. Great idea weeding while others sleeping in. I would love weeding along side you, I am different though.

  4. Yeah.....we picked berries again today, and tossed about half of them to the chicken. But I suppose at least it's feeding SOMEthing.