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Monday, May 27, 2013

Pardon The Interruption...

SM has finally said "Enough!" with Time Warner Cable. 

We have a bundled package with them that includes cable, phone and internet.  SM has been complaining about the quality of their service from practically day one.

Being a good wife (or at least a wise one), I declined commenting on the situation.

But don't put a halo on my head just yet.  You can't imagine how many times the "I told you so" was on the tip on my tongue. 

The self control it took to withhold commenting almost did me in. 

I have learned however, that when dealing with my penny pinching Mr Crab it's almost always best to allow enlightenment to arrive at it's own pace.

Which it did last week. 

I arrived home to find SM pointing at the offending TV and decreeing "I have had enough!  DirectTV will be here in the morning."


"One more thing."  SM turns his laser beam gaze on me.  "I'm dropping them completely so that means no bundle... No phone, no internet for a few days while I wheel and deal and see what's out there."


"No internet?"  (Notice I wasn't concerned about the lack of a phone.) 

"For how long?  One day?  Two days?  A week?"  My voice became higher as the reality of no connectivity shot home.

"Just until I figure it out.  A week tops." SM says turning away.

 A week?!?  Oh the horror! 

SM still has his smart phone so he can still access the internet as needed, but me... What about me?!?

"Suck it up."  Was the only advice forthcoming. 

"Think of it as a vacation.  You've got plenty of crap to do around here."  SM points out, his hand waving in the air.

"And if you get bored there's always HBO On Demand.  DirectTV gave me all the premium channels for free for the next three months."  SM says proudly with a big grin.  "I know how to deal."  He says smugly.

Ooooo.... Game of Thrones!  I've always wondered what the fuss was all about!  I scurry over to the remote control and navigate to the On Demand service.

"WhooHoo!  I get ALL the episodes!"  I crow.  "Excellent!"

"Game of What...?"  SM asks. 

I make him sit down and watch a few minutes of the first episode.  He gets up after a few minutes clearly unimpressed.  "You're weird."  He says waving his hand at the TV.

"Ssshhhh...Don't bother me!"  I say waving him off.

Life may never be the same again.  @;)

PS...If you don't hear from me after a week or so please consider gathering together for an intervention.  I tend to get addicted to these sorts of things...

See ya later!


  1. Oh-oh, sounds like my house. Husband hates Charter Cable, I hate that they charge me $50 a month more than their advertised prices because I'm not a "new" customer. He wants Direct TV, and satellite internet that crawls at a snail's pace compared to my cable internet. I like my Charter telephone service (hate my cell phone). So far I'm winning the fight, but don't know for how much longer.

  2. I would go bonkers without my internet...could care less about tv. But I agree with your hubby, I hate Time Warner!

  3. Ohhh yes yes yes (said the fellow Thrones addict, lol)

    PS both the sun (and various truths) must arise in their own good time with my other half also, lol. Really funny thing here is that when (my) opinion surfaces (at last) as "valid" it is (suddenly) HIS idea/opinion. ah yes.... :-)

    I think we may have stumbled upon the reason/backstory for the mona lisa smile ~ (victory of point, sans the 'I told you so')

    *Have noted appropriate intervention date on my calendar, but you know I'll miss it because I'll be frozen in front of the tele too!

    Hugs Issy