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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Evolution Of A Curse Word

Sometimes my best thoughts happen when I'm doing mindless stuff. 

Not saying I can't think thoughts in a normal way.
I just find anymore that I'm on a finger snapping,  "I know this...", kind of time-delay with the menopausal brain fog that happens these days now. 

You know CRS disease.

Anyway, last week I had my head in the refrigerator cleaning it out and I was trying to yank one of the shelves out when the glass separated from the frame.

"Shit!"  I said to no one in particular.

"What?"  I hear from the other room.  Evidently SM was keeping a ear out for potential disasters. 

"The glass just separated from the frame!"  I said pulling my hands away as I heard SM walking towards me. 

He peers in to evaluate the situation.

"It's supposed to do that, see?"  He says lifting out the shelf.  "That way you can clean out the stuff that's in between the glass and the frame." 

Sure enough there was some liquid or goop that had dried in between the cracks.

"Thanks." I told him briefly as I took it over to the sink to give it a wash, thinking that it's always amazing the stuff I don't know. 

So as I'm cleaning and sorting through all the jars and the food, I started thinking about how SM responded to my unthinking exclamation of surprise.

"Shit" can mean a lot of things.  Some good, some bad. 

Did the tone of my "Shit" tell SM anything?  Was it a "Shit" of surprise?  A "Shit" of pain?  A "Shit" of discouragement?" 

These are the questions in life that need answers!!!

Which then got me to thinking what if I said "Crap!" instead?  Would that have implied something different?

Which then got me to thinking about curse words in general and how I use them.  I don't think I'm a cussy person but I do think I cuss more than SM. 

Or at least he tells me I do. 

My kind of cussing is generally the "Shit! Crap! Damn! and Hell!" kind of cussing.

I save the really BAD WORDS for when I'm really in a snit.

And sometimes when I drop the F-Bomb SM really doesn't like it and calls me a "potty-mouth."


Potty-mouth?  That's the best ya got? 

I must admit that when he calls me a potty-mouth, I do feel about 12 years old and ashamed of myself. 

Then I get over myself, shrug it off and go on about my day, waiting for the chance to curse again.

My favorite curse?  Well,

 I can blame Hugh Grant for that.


I really should learn to say "Buggar" though.....@;)


  1. In my Pre-Mommy years, my friends used to call me "truckstop". Bet you can't guess why :)

  2. I've been trying to cut down on cussing. It seems that things that make me cuss press my "off button" for self control. I am able to control the "potty mouth" in class, while blogging, and most of the time when I talk to my Dad (he never cussed) and it embarrasses me if I even use a mild cuss word in front of him. When I was a child, he used to say a person is pretty stupid if they can't think of something else to say other than to cuss. So I rarely cussed until I was an adult. In some ways I apparently got "pretty stupid".

    I have also noticed when I'm stressed about life in general, I use a lot more foul language. And something else I just noticed is my ability to spell seems to be another thing getting lost in the "Meno" brain fog. I just had to check which foul was appropriate for foul language that has nothing to do with poultry. I used to be an excellent speller.

    Maybe milder and more British sounding cussing would be better. But then I would have to stop and think for a second before saying it; and that would take away from the spewing, just letting it fly nature of cussing.

  3. Thanks for the laugh - my fav cuss word right now is crappity crap crap carp - learned it from my friend Trish - it really works well in most situations. Ha ha... I've never seen 4 weddings and a funeral - guess I'll have to figure out how to play it on my computer as we don't have a dvd player... T.

  4. When I was younger, I cussed ALL the time. Then went through a cussless time in my life, when the kids were growing up. But NOW? I am older, kids are grown, and I cuss like a crazy person. I thought I was going crazy, actually. Then read this. So thank you all! I am not alone after all!

    I am just loving your blog. You really are a great writer and should be writing a book or articles. Very funny lady! I love your post about the power going off.

  5. Sunny beaches! Son of a biscuit!