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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OK...I've Had Enough

Rain, rain and more rain.  A washout weekend. 

Monday morning SM and I watched as another strong cell moved through bringing another few inches.

It stopped raining for a few hours then around 3pm the front moved through.  I was at the kitchen table reading a book when suddenly Ginny was by my side shaking like a leaf. 

Whoosh went the awning and the windows started to bang.  I looked up and saw that the rain was coming in from the south blowing horizontally.  Never seen that happen before. 

I figured sitting in front of a wall of glass wasn't the smartest thing to be doing so I took a cue from Ginny and started walking into the living room. 

Then the noise picked up a bit more.  I hollared for Casey and we all went and sat down in the hallway as the storm intensified.

SM and Scooter kept watch at the door.  What can I say?  Men!

After a few minutes the worst seemed to be over so the girls and I emerged from the hallway and looked out the windows with SM.

Our birch took a hit.  Luckily it didn't hit the house or the cars in the driveway.

I told SM to get on the phone and call to get some estimates for removal.  We're not sure yet if we'll take the whole tree out (Tami) or just take down the one limb (SM).

After it stopped raining I buzzed the neighborhood to look for damage.

Nearly all the damage is on our street with those Bradford Pear trees that split so easily. 

A cluster of neighbors were out gabbing speculating on whether this was a micro burst or a straight line wind.  Turns out we were under a tornado warning.


Huh.  How bout that.  It didn't seem THAT bad to me but it was the first time I ever felt the need to get to the hallway.  One lady said she went into her closet.

Hmmm...This might be a good reason to clean out one of my closets!


  1. So glad you were all okay. When I see my dog head for the bathroom, I take that as a sign. It's different than when she heads underneath my bed. Let's hope the worst is behind you.

  2. Well, whatever it's called, it was a close call. Glad nothing major happened.

  3. Love that second picture. The rain is so obnoxious, isn't it? Glad you are all okay...and hoping this nasty weather lets up!

  4. Glad y'all are okay. The pooches sure have the intuition, huh?