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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Ten Second Rule

I know. 

You just read the title of this post and think I'm going to talk about how long that cookie you just dropped on the floor is safe to eat.

Well, if you're into cookies, go for it.  I'm not into cookies but I absolutely DO pick up that M&M I just dropped.  (Hey, it's got that hard candy coating.  Dirt just slides off!)

Actually "The Ten Second Rule" is something that SM and I have done our entire marriage and I thought I'd mention it because I read a really good article on Huff Post 50 about 11 Lessons From More Than Three Decades Of Marriage.

Check it out.  I can relate to most of them.  SM and I never had kids so those don't apply. 

This got me to thinking about things that SM and I do to keep ourselves from murdering each other on a daily basis and one of our biggest rules is that we always kiss each other goodbye or goodnight.  ALWAYS. 

So much so that once we do kiss each other goodbye, if it takes longer that 10 seconds to get out the door than we find each other again with a quick "Ten seconds" comments and a smile and smooch again.

Back when we were first married, SM told me I kissed him too much.  That only made me kiss him more.  (Evil Tami)  Waaa Haa Ha!  I broke him.  Yep.  I can do that to a man.

SM says his personal tip to a long healthy marriage is, and I quote, "To run away."  (Evil SM) 

He never gets far and for some reason always comes back so it can't be THAT bad being married to me day in and day out.

What tips do you have?  Do you agree with their suggestions?

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  1. Laugh a lot. Helps is. We are looking at 21 years together this year.