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Friday, July 12, 2013

Easily Amused

Have I ever mentioned to you that SM and I are little weird.

As in strange. 

As in we live our life in our own amusing little world.  We plod along together as the days go by and find the most interesting things to laugh at.  Silly stuff.  Stuff that would never strike most people as funny.

And if you're around observing us while we're bring silly, you'd likely take a step back, turn around and walk the other way.

We find the humor in our lives is kind of like a Far Side cartoon.  Gary Larsen is right up our alley.  This is one of our favorites.

I can just see SM and I in the cockpit laughing our butts off.

So the drive up to (and back from) Ohio is less than stimulating.  The radio only spins so far on the dial until you feel the need to settle on a channel that seems somewhat appealing.  From FM music channels to AM talk radio, we hit it all. 

At one point we were bouncing along to a rap song with lots of (assumed) profanity (that was bleeped) and a "shake dat ass" refrain. 

What can I say?  It had a really catchy beat for two people who were rather "punchy" after 10 hours on the road.  Unfortunately, if you were passing us and could hear what we were listening to you'd likely shake your head at us "old farts" listening to that kind of music.  But that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

We are also prone to extreme silliness.

We were listening to NPR when the journalist reporting the story began using rather BIG words.  Like mel·lif·lu·ous and vo·lu·mi·nous and neb·u·lous.
Who uses words like that in conversation?

It was so out of place in her report that we found it extremely funny.  Sort of like she was trying too hard to show others that she was a smart cookie and could interject words that would impress them.

So like students reciting a word after a school teacher says it, SM and I would repeat those BIG words right after she used them.  Then we laughed about it and continued to use them all day long.  Even days after that SM or I would toss one of those words into a conversation, either with ourselves or with others.  We sure got the looks not only for using the BIG word in the first place but for laughing like loons after using it.

Our own private joke, if you will.

"Do my pants make my ass look vo·lu·mi·nous ?"  I asked SM as I dressed for the wedding turning slightly in the mirror to check out my booty.

"No.  Your ass makes your ass look vo·lu·mi·nous ."   Says SM.  We laughed like loons.

Last year we were heading to Trader Joe's to do some shopping when the radio guy said that today is "Talk Like A Pirate Day" which I immediately latched onto and started "Arrr-ing" and talking like a pirate.  Which is actually harder than you might think.  So we walked around shopping with me talking like a pirate and SM laughing as I did so.

I even greeted the cashier with an "Ahoy there Matey" but I dropped my lingo after getting that indulgent "I'm working with two nut jobs" look. 


Oh well, Silly me...I guess you had to be there.


  1. This is way out of line but lately I pulled out about 15 old Gary Larson books awhile back when the George Zimmerman trial started up. When he was arrested he was fairly normal sized but has since gained quite a bit of weight. One news shot of him had him buggy eyed and I instantly thought of the little boy in bed scared of the night monsters--they could be brothers!

  2. I have to admit that Amy and myself are a half bubble off ourselves. Traveling to WV last Thursday morning we were listening to the satellite radio, 80s channel. Mind you that the music of that area just plain sucks, but True by Spandau Ballet came on and were singing along trying to annoy our youngest. The time came in the song of the musical part with no singing (I don't know what they call it.) Amy with all her gusto swings her arms in the air like she's playing a guitar and screams "guitar riff!" I calmly leaned over and said "I believe this is a saxophone." We literally laughed for 5 miles. So bad so I almost had to pull off the highway. Guess you had to be there.
    Leaving Wally World last night we looked up and saw the sign Enter. To where?