Entertain Me!

We've had some wild and wicked thunderstorms here lately but strangely we've never lost power. 

Not even during the 2 hours of fireworks that produced a 6" flash flood that took out our local bridge for most of the night.

But this past weekend, close to 8pm, we were having a light sprinkle when the lights flickered, snapped off, came back on again and then finally crapped out.

SM and I just looked at each other from our respective recliners.

"Well..."  SM said.  "What do we do now?"

We sat there for a few more minutes in silence waiting for the miracle of electricity to come back on.


So I stood up and said..."Well, we can always talk to each other, you know."  As I wandered into the kitchen.

"I think this is going to take a few hours to fix."  SM said as he joined me in the kitchen. 

We're enough out in the country that it does take a few hours to pop us back to power whenever it goes out.

I rummaged in the kitchens junk drawer and pulled out some playing cards that I had stashed.  These cards had a beach scene on them and said Bermuda on them. 

"Look at that."  SM said amazed when I handed them to him.  "Do you know how long it's been since that Bermuda trip?  What?  1989?"  He asked as he shuffled the cards.

For some reason guys always steer towards poker which I find boring in the extreme.  So we're playing a few hands of Five Card when I feel a flash coming on and yank my T-shirt off.

"Is this strip poker?"  SM asks eyebrows up.

"No.  This is me having a hot flash during a power outage." I replied, standing up and going to the sink to toss some water on me.

"How about some ice water to drink?"  SM suggested.  Good idea.

So we played a few more hands and I got him to change to Rummy which is WAY more fun. 

As we're playing it's getting darker out so I lit some candles and we gabbed about the old days when board and card games were the bread and butter of social get togethers.  Dancing too.  And drinking of course. 

Eventually the power came back on and SM and I migrated back to our respective chairs only to fall asleep watching some mindless program on the TV. 

But ever since then the playing cards have sat on the kitchen table for a quick round of Rummy when we have the chance and I even dusted off the Scrabble board and we've played a few games of that too. 

It's kinda nice taking an hour here and there to play a game or two. 

Takes me back to late nights, laughing at stories, drinking a glass, all around a table full of family and friends.

They way it used to be.

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