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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tami 1 - Mother Nature 1

We've all heard of the "Five Stages of Grief. 

I think I've made it through the shock, denial and anger phases.

About what, you might ask? 

The garden, that's what.  You might have wondered why I haven't been posting about my beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and green beans. 

It's because there isn't any.  Or very little at any rate.

I ventured out a week or so ago for a look-see, turned around and haven't been back since.  SM is the only one who ventures out into the abyss risking life and limb for the few tomatoes he can salvage. 

(He must still be in the bargaining stage.) 

Me?  I jumped from anger straight into acceptance.

I don't bother going out to the garden anymore except to pick flowers. The zinnias are the only joy coming out of my garden right now.

I am by nature a neat and orderly person.  What I see when I look around the garden gives me hives. 

Mother Nature is taking back what I, in my human arrogance, sought to wrestle away from her.

Mamma N knows how to slap a girl right upside the head alright.  She's left me with chaos.  With weeds and grass so high you'd need a machete to hack through it all. 

And consider all the spiders, ticks and mosquitos that populate such a pasture.  (shudder...) 

I feel allergic to my garden, it's such a mess.  I'm scratching just thinking about it.

Who knew I was such a wimp? 

In my defense though, I think that with all the rain we've had, you'd have to be home 24-7 pulling weeds everyday just to stay ahead of it. 

Then again my beans, squash and cuc's knew when to throw in the towel.  They're all yellowed up and succumbed long ago to the chewing hoards of bugs.

So we're batting about even this year.  I had a great Spring garden and the Summer garden is a wash out. 


Tami 1
Mother Nature 1

So I've got a month or so to cool my heels before I can begin to consider the Fall garden. 

Or not. 

We'll see what happens.


  1. Sadly right there with you. might as well give up on garden this year.

  2. We left on a wk long trip and then had 2wks of rain,...had the same mess but were able to recover most of it. The squash beetles killed all but one of my squash....I figure I have a week with the rest before they go as well. It's head banging to be sure after all that work. At this point I'm planning the fall garden

  3. We didn't have much luck with our garden this year either. On to fall planting!!!

  4. My solution is to plant things that grow taller than the weeds. :)

    This year has been a wild one for gardeners! I'm trying to get some fall planting underway, but my planting plans keep getting rained out.