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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wherever You Are...Happy 4th

We drove out of the gray murkiness of North Carolina yesterday morning up to Ohio for the holiday weekend. 

We saw blue skies briefly, and then the clouds and showers enveloped us once again.

You can run, but it seems that if you're anywhere on the east coast, you just can't hide from this subtropical ooze. 

The rain is gonna get ya.

Case in point...We headed over to Buckeye Lake, along with a few thousand other folks, to watch the fireworks last night.

After hitting a brew pub where the guys drank craft beers and the girls sipped on an early wine, we all shuffled to the lake front and squeezed in to watch the splendor lakeside. 

I must say that watching fireworks while having a slight wine buzz has a certain appeal to me now @;)

Menacing dark clouds were hovering over the boat filled lake, which was quite lovely all on it's own with their safety lights bobbing along the horizion.

The boys were placing bets on a shower or a deluge.  They got both.  Plastic ponchos were rapidly dispensed as the showers started.  SM and I sat on the ground, huddled under one as the cold rain hit my backside.  I snuggled in closer.  It was quite romantic for about 30 seconds when the BOOM went off.

Are you kidding me? 

Actually the rain that was hitting us had just cleared the other side of the lake where the fireworks were set up.  Fortunately, the downpour was short lived and we all emerged from our plastic cocoons to find most of the crowd had run off somewhere and we now had a clear view of some really amazing fireworks.

I mean one of the BEST shows I've seen in awhile.  Great Job Buckeye Lake!

Wherever you are today, wet or dry...Enjoy your Fourth.

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  1. We've had a lovely, sunny day with clear skies forecast for our fireworks tonight. Hubby and I (old fuddy-duds that we are) are trying to decide if we want to make the effort to trek on into town to watch the fireworks tonight. It doesn't get dark here until almost 10 p.m. (when the fireworks start) and that's almost past our bedtime! Hope you're having a nice, long 4th of July weekend.