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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wow...That's A Lot Of Rain

Welcome to July! 

We've got a busy holiday week coming up and I'm sure you do too.

For me, summertime always seems to get rolling once the fireworks go off.  It's weird to think that we're also at a halfway point for the entire year.  I was mentioning to SM yesterday that this weird weather makes me wonder if we'll have a long extended summer and fall or if we'll just roll right into colder weather as we normally would.

SM is betting on a long season.  Me?  I think anything is on the table.  Snow in October anyone?

I did go look to see how June wrapped up as far as how much precipitation we'd gotten. 

to Date

15.01 in.

Now THAT's a lot of rain.  According to TWC our average is 4.35 inches.  We got almost 3 1/2 times our normal amount.


Mother Nature is handling it pretty well.  The only casualties in the garden so far are the snap beans.  For whatever reason they are not liking this weather and have only given me a couple of meals out of them.  They're done.  

Well, maybe I can't blame the rain entirely.  The Bermuda grass is growing like crazy and has pretty much choked out the beans.  I suppose I am growing grass and weeds at an amazing rate. 

I'm also surprised that I don't have mushrooms growing everywhere, it's so wet.

Is anyone having a normal weather year?


  1. I have no idea what normal IS anymore. We went from cold rainy to hot rainy, then right into mid summer, now it's nothing but rainy. So far (fingers and toes crossed) the beans are holding up. It's crazy!

  2. It's been very wet June and a lot of damage from it - moldy strawberries and slugish beans and tomatoes so far. For June we're just over 10" instead of normal 4 so definitely 'wet' and wild weather. Though my onions and squash LOVE it!

  3. Not "normal" here in northern Minnesota! A very, very cold and wet June. Lots of fog also. Wreaked havoc on my beans. Only got about 50% germination on both my yellow and green beans. Funny thing is even the cool weather crops aren't growing like they should. They've come up alright, but seem like they used all their energy just to push through the soil. Methinks we need some sunshine and warmth.

    That is a LOT of rain you've had. It's surprising you haven't had more flooding!