Apples In August

I tell you, it never occurred to me. 

We picked apples this weekend.  

Home grown apples. 

From my own backyard. 

I'm in shock.

Most apples in the US are grown in the northern states.  In the South, most are grown up in the mountains where it's cooler.  In any case, to me, apples are a September - October fruit.  Cool weather, frosty mornings = APPLES.

I've never grown apples before and it never occurred to me that since our trees bloomed earlier than the rest of the country that (correspondingly) the fruit would also be harvestable sooner that normal.

I'm not sure what made me wander over to the apple trees this weekend but I'm glad I did. 

The Fuji didn't have many apples to begin with but what was there was rotting with butterflies and various bugs feasting on them.  I was shocked.  Are the ripe already?  I let them be.

I then went over to the Gala tree which was absolutely LOADED with apples.  Most of them in were decent shape considering we didn't spray.  (Who could spray?  All it did was rain this Summer.)

I picked a couple off the tree and went into the house to check them out.  SM was there to help. 

Nice...Look at that white crispy flesh!  Crunchy and not overly sweet.  SM immediately said.  "Let's plant 5 more."

So we grabbed a basket and picked every single apple off that tree.  Some were buggy but most are good for applesauce or fresh eating if you peel them and cut away the questionable parts. 


Which is actually funny because we're using up the last of my canned/frozen sauce this week.  Perfect timing. 

I have to work 6 days in a row this week so the saucing will commence next Sunday.  Until then, I separated the "eat them soon" blemished apples from the rest of the pack.

Considering this is the first year I've had fruit on my trees, I'm pretty pleased.  I need to consider what needs doing to these trees (besides aggressive pruning) to help get a decent fruit crop.  This is about as organic as you can get.  

Yes, they're spotted but I'm pretty impressed considering we did nothing other than prune them back in February.

Any tips or suggestions all you apple growers out there have to get a successful harvest would be greatly appreciated.

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