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Friday, August 2, 2013

Nice Diggs

We got back from the beach late Monday.  Relaxed, happy and surprisingly sunburnt. 

We only sat out on the beach for a few hours and it was a cloudy day to boot with intermittent sprinkles while we lounged around and walked the beach.  It didn't occur to either of us that we might get zapped so we didn't apply the sunscreen.  Ooops!  Just goes to show you that we're not beach people.  Guess we won't make that mistake again.

The cool thing I wanted to share about this trip was that Ron's family utilize a search engine called VRBO when searching for a rental house.  Vacation Rentals By Owner. 

There are 12 people in Ron's family so when they get together for a family vacation (every 2 yrs) they like to rent a house instead of a hotel and they've used this site with great success.

Here's the link to the house we stayed at.  The 5 adult couples all had their own bedroom with an attached bath.   The kids all stayed in one room (bunk beds) that also had an attached bath.  This house was definitely built for the rental market.  (SM and I slept on the couch for the few days we were there.)


The house was HUGE.  Plenty of space to gather as a group or find some solo time if you wished.  It was only a block away from the beach access but came with a golf cart for hauling all your beach crap. 

We figured that the cost per couple is about the same as you'd spend for a week at a hotel.  Everybody brought breakfast, lunch, drinks and snack stuff with them in coolers. Then we ran to the local Piggly Wiggly (oink!) for all the stuff we didn't bring.  Dinner can be an inhouse group thing, solo dining out or a fast food hit for the kids.

All in all I was pretty impressed with the whole shebang.  SM and I got to mooch a few days away from home on the cheap.  Can't get much better than that @;)

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  1. Looks beautiful! And it sounds like you got a much deserved break :)