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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oppenheimer or Zazzles?

The freakin cat is still around. 

Well, technically the freaking "kitty" is still here.  If it was a grown adult cat I'd bet it would have taken one look at my pack of dogs and hot-footed it outta here.

I tried to get some better pictures yesterday.  Have you ever tried taking a picture of a kitten?

Dogs are WAY easier I can tell you that.

As it is, there exists an uneasy truce on our back porch.  The dogs are VERY curious and (having been with a cat before) want to go up to it, stick there nose in the appropriate smelly spot and take a sniff.  (Look carefully and you'll see the cat on the other side of the window.)

Kitty is having none of it. 

I let Scooter out to see if we could all be friends.  Kitty hunched up, put on her scary face and lashed out with a yowel. 

Scared me and the dog.  I almost peed my pants and I think she might have gotten Scooters nose the way he's sulking in the house right now.

All my neighbors are laughing.  "Someone has got your house address and knows where to drop them off."  Deb said to me yesterday.

I personally think they're relieved that the cat didn't taken up residence at their house although Deb says that there are at least 2 feral cat roaming the neighborhood that both she and a neighbor are putting food out for.

This one is not feral, though.  So far she (SM believes it to be a girl) is very friendly to the peeps that live around here.  We've tossed around some names.  SM thought that Oppenheimer or Zazzles should be in the running.

I'll wait till after the Vet gives "it" an OK before commiting to a relationship though. 

SM on the other hand is completely charmed.  Kitty is already setting up her throne. 

The dogs better watch out.

You can see that world domination is right around the corner.


  1. She(?) is an awfully attractive little kitty. Laughed out loud at your last picture. (That's kinda the way I feel this morning.)

  2. She is almost definitely a girl. She is a tortie/calico which are almost always female. Here is an explanation.

    Tortoiseshell coats are typically red and black, and almost always found on the female because the gene that determines red hair is carried on the X chromosome. If this gene is dominant it makes the coat red; if its recessive the coat can be any other color, but will most likely be black since this masks other colors. Male cats are XY. Since they have only one X, they have only one copy of the red gene, so the coat can be red or black but not both. Female cats are XX, so they can have two copies of the red gene, and if one is dominant and one recessive they can have both red and black coloring in their coats.

    So if your kitten has both red and black, you can assume it is a female.

    She sure is cute.

  3. Hehe, she will take over with cuteness.