Puzzle-ing Mood

When we went to the beach a few weeks ago, my SIL Connie had a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle out on the table.  She said they always do a big puzzle every year.  It lays on the table waiting for some unsuspecting soul to wander by and add a piece or two.

Enter sucker number one.  Me.

I tend to like to be "occupied" in some pursuit.  Yes, I can veg out with the best of them but I tend to get twitchy over long periods of nothingness.  So as the group gabbed, shifted and swayed through the weekend, I would spend time with my new found friend.  The puzzle was one of the tougher ones they've put out.  According to Connie, it sat there for a week and never got finished.

Now I've never been a puzzle person but last week I went out to Target and picked out a pleasing picture puzzle.  I laid it out on the table and I've been working on it ever since.

And I'm actually enjoying it.  (Oh the Horror!)

I've been in a Summer hibernation mood lately.  I'm not canning anything.  Every time I wander into the garden the bugs have me running out screaming within minutes.  I feel mellow and lethargic.

All I want is a cool breeze.  Less humidity.  Yesterday the heat index hovered near 100.  I'm done.  Over it. 

Bring on Fall.

Until then, I'll wander back to the kitchen table and work on my pretty picture. 

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