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Monday, August 19, 2013

Where You Find It.

Not much going on this month.  Or for that matter the whole season.

What an unusual year this has been.

I should call this the Year of The Flowers.  I couldn't be more pleased.  And it's made me even more determined to invest more of the garden to them.

SM went through the garden yesterday and came up to me and said "Can we just toss some gasoline and burn it all?  The weeds are that bad."


I laughed.  "Not a bad idea.  Do you think it would kill all the mosquitoes too?"  I asked.  I've nicknamed the garden Skeeterville.  It's SO infested.

There is so much to dislike about this gardening season and yet...

I'll be glad for what I have this year.



  1. Sounds kind of like my garden but I have steers so I cut the old plants and weeds and feed it to them so it gets recycled. It helps if you know how to use a scythe that will quickly clear out the weeds. Mosquitoes are a problem so I put some vicks rub on my hat and wash with Zote soap which has oil of citronella in it. I have mostly finished with summer and have moved on to starting the fall garden. I am in VA so get a lot of the same weather you get, it has been wet and cool, not sure what I should have planted.

  2. That's a great perspective! Unlike you, over here on the eastern side of the state, we haven't had much rain for the last month, so the full day of it yesterday was a huge blessing!

  3. We never know what each season is going to bring us, do we? Me, too, as far as deciding this year I want to learn more about flowers and have more of them planted out and about. The pictures of yours are beautiful. I suppose your heavy rainfall has encouraged the blasted skeeters by you. We haven't had any rain for a month now so our dear little blood suckers aren't bad at all.