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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Last Sunday, after SM and I came home from the grocery store, I discovered that Casey The Pig had acrobatically managed to pull a rawhide chew bone off the shelf I'd placed it on.  (Chews are given only under supervision around here.)

It was a pretty good sized bone and the only reason I knew that the crime had been committed was that each dog had a little bit of the chew still in their mouths.  I grabbed the slimy remains out of reluctant mouths and said to SM "Let the explosions begin..."

Nothing adverse happened until about 3 days later when Casey, who must've eaten the majority of the bone, started throwing up.  She seemed restless so I placed myself on high alert and started fasting her.

About midnight I woke up with Casey farting not far from the bed.  "Phewy!"

So up and outside we went.  There followed repeated lots of in and outs, along with a few midnight strolls around the block trying to get things moving. 

Casey's belly sounded like two chihuahua's were inside her fighting.

Eventually, we all calmed down long enough to get another hour of sleep in before getting up for the day.

SM, coffee in hand asked me how I slept.  "Oh, I've been up all night."  And described to him what we'd been up to.

"Just like kids, isn't it?"  He asked.

"Well, no.  At least with a kid you can ask them what they did and where it hurts.  And a kid would at least learn from the experience.  If I laid down a chewy right now, she's do the same thing all over again."  I said exasperated.

At this point we both heard a meow from the garage where Callie-Cat has taken up residence.

"A cat would never be so stupid."  I said going out and picking Callie up.  "In fact, when the comet comes and takes out all life on the planet I fully expect cats to be the ones who survive.  They're way smarter than all the rest of us."

Callie must agree since when I put her down, she sashayed over to her food bowl and waited for me to do her bidding.

"Food please.  And fresh water.  And while you're at it could you please clean out my litter box?  There's a good human."  Callie blinks at me with her green eyes.

Oh yeah.  Definitely cats.

P.S.  Later that evening Casey, after her 24 hour fast was seen tearing through the house playing with Ginny.  SM shouted, "Pig on the run!" to warn me to get the hell out of the way. 

And all is right with the world. 

For now.


  1. Glad everything "came out" ok :)
    And good to know that Freaking Cat is allowing you to do her bidding!

  2. Never a dull moment, is there?

  3. Just remember to dogs we are the owners. To cats we are staff.