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Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Kicks

Getting older is interesting, isn't it?

Clearly the mirror offers us daily reminders.  Some days I look in the mirror and think "Not so bad." 

Other days I look at myself and think "Holy Crap!"

Everyday I look at the hair around my face checking out the four inches of natural growth that I'm letting come in.  I have a muddy brown color naturally so I, like half the world, have colored my hair for most of my life enhancing my rather bland palette. 

But now I'm wondering if I should keep coloring.  I'm actually thinking of going au' naturale.  I have a lovely silver halo coming in around my face.  It's actually kinda pretty. 

So I let another month go by because I'm curious.

I wonder if my stylist misses me yet.

I've been told repeatedly that after the age of 50 every day offers up a new twinge.  A new pain. 

Last week my right index finger swelled up.  My first thought was "What did I do to you?"  Casting my mind back over all the things I'd done, I couldn't think of a thing. 

"Arthritis?"  I think to myself.  Hm.  Only time will tell.  Even as I type this my finger is twinging in protest.  My grip sucks now but it's been sucking for a few years now. 

Isn't it amazing how much fun it is to try and open a bottle?

I mentioned in my last post that my feet have been slightly pissed off at the 4-5 miles I'd been putting in.  I gave them a few days of enforced rest but "Nope" they are still having none of it. 

Well, crap!  How can I loose this weight if I can't exercise?

So I went out this week and bought some new walking shoes.  SM told me to invest in a really good pair.  He pointed out that the cheap ass $40 Nike's that I'd been wearing weren't really protecting my feet.  

So I took it up a notch.  SM is right.  $100 shoes do feel better.  But as I'm standing there looking at the wall of shoes at Dick's, I spot a row at the very top.  These beauties were $150. 

I wondered what sort of nirvana an extra $50 would provide so, pointing at a rather attractive pair, I asked the young man for a size eleven and sat down to wait.

Dude comes back shaking his head, "Sorry, no elevens." 

But now I'm really curious about what makes a shoe worth $150 so I shrug and say "Just bring me one of those really good shoes, regardless of color."

Now I don't know if you've shopped for athletic shoes lately but there's no such thing as a subtle athletic shoe.  These puppies are loud and proud.  No doubt appealing to the younger crowd of peacocks who want to be noticed for their attractive plumage.

Dude comes out and hands me a box.  "It's all I've got."  He offers as a way of apology.

I open the box.  "Wow, now that's bright."

Hot Pink. 

In your face pink. 

Who's your Momma pink.

If it were up to me I'd never have tried them on.  But when your dogs just ain't barking but howling...

Well, beggars can't be choosers. 

And I was curious.  I've never paid more than $50 for a pair of shoes in my life.  So I slid the shoes on, tied them on carefully and stood up.


I walked up and down the aisle.  Not bad.  But worth $150?

So I sat down and slid off one of the shoes and put one of the $100 shoes on.  I started walking and closed my eyes.

Wow.  Definitely better cushioning.

"Whatcha think?"  Dude says.

"Sold."  I told him and walked out with the shocking pink pair. 

Back at home, SM was less than pleased that I coughed up $150 bucks for new shoes.  Clearly SM had never paid that much for a pair

"Cheaper than a visit to the podiatrist."  I toss back.

"True...and at least they'll glow in the dark so drivers can see you."  SM said.

I've been wearing my new kicks at home and at work.  The first few days I still couldn't walk more than a few blocks.  Today I did a mile and a half.  Slow and steady.  Gotta build it back up.


I am starting to wonder though, what new joy might be waiting for me around the corner.


  1. Those are SHARP! I don't think I've ever paid more than $30 for shoes. Wonder when my dogs will start barkin'?!

  2. Pain in the finger - funny you should say that, I had my left hand pointing finger play up last week, so off to the internet I toddled. Suggested I rest it.

    I made a finger splint (so that I could NOT bend it), wore that proudy for 5 days and now I have my finger back... :)

    Yeah, also tossed the colouring bottle out 3 - 4 years ago. My "Silver halo" is now quite pronounced, and with a winter (untanned) face some days I seriousy look quite "strained". So I've stopped looking in the mirror. I'm NOT going back to hair colour - life is so simple now :)

  3. There's one more thing you can do. I have basically flat feet - I say it that way because I don't like to admit that I have flat feet. Anyway, my arches NEED support because without it, my knees and hips hurt if I spend any great amount of time on my feet like as in cooking which I love to do. So. Go to one of those running stores and buy the supportive inner soles. I think I spent around $30 last time? Now, take the insole out of your sneaker and put what you bought at the running store in. At first it might just feel like a lump under your foot but once you adjust, you will see a difference. Anyway, that's my two cents....er, $30!