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Friday, September 6, 2013

He Had It Coming

So I made lunch for SM the other day.

He was in a hurry as he had a 1:00 apt down in Fort Mill, so I made a quick sloppyjoe, which he told me he "greatly appreciated" as he scarfed it down.

Moments later he pecks me on the lips real quick and he grabs up his keys and bolts for the door.

"Wait a minute." I hollar at him. "You can't call that a kiss."

I started walking towards him.

He turns, see's the knife in my hand (I was in the kitchen cooking after all) and says...

"You can't seriously think I'm going to kiss you with a knife in your hand. Whataretryingtodo? Kill me?"

I point the knife away as I close in on him, kiss him lightly and looked him deeply in the eyes and said...

"Not today."

SM laughs.

I then turned on my heel, waving the knife in the air and said...

"Keep me happy and you'll live to see another day."

To which SM quoted, laughing...

"And then he ran into my knife."

"He ran into my knife ten times."


If you'd have been there, If you'd have seen it, I betcha you would have done the same...

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  1. Funny! Thanks for the laugh--I sure needed it tonight.