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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let The Butt Sniffing Begin

Callie-Cat has had a busy week. 

I watched, camera in hand, as she "played" with a mouse.

Such cute little ears that mousie has. 

Too bad!  We are ruthless around here!

Meeces and mices have no place around my home and I can't tell you how happy I am to have a cat around here again.

We sleep with the windows open during these crisp fall nights.  One night this past week, SM and I woke to intense yeowling outside. 

Cat Fight!  SM shot out of the bed to defend his "Little Miss", the dogs thundering down the hallway to assist.  Yours Truly turned over and snuggled under the warm covers clearly not impressed with all the fuss.  I did keep an ear out while SM wandered the yard calling "Callie...Callie" at 3am.

Casey Pig eventually came in, propped her front feet up on the bed and shook it, sticking her cold wet nose into my face as if to say... "Mom!  You're missing all the excitement!"

So I crawled out of bed in time to see SM crossing the back yard cuddling the freakin cat.

"I think she was fighting that feral cat that's been hanging around."  SM reports.

 On goes the kitchen light and he places her on the kitchen table.  "Could you check her out?" SM asks me.

So I pick up my little bundle of joy, running my hands over her, flipping her over looking for blood and guts and instead find her purring in my arms, eyes slitted with contentment.  

"She's fine."  I said.  "She sure is a fierce little thing, though."

So we decided though to start feeding her inside on the kitchen table to discourage the feral cat from trying to eat her food that we had been placing in the garage.  Callie adapted to this switch easily, which also has exposed her to having to deal with the dogs.

She runs back and forth from the cat door to the table causing the dogs to lay in wait for her.  Since the nights have been cooler she's also been hanging out on the table.  I've often come out in the middle of the night to see her stretching and meowing a greeting to me.

Yesterday I witnessed détenteAs Callie twirled around my ankles, the dogs converged.  Noses met noses and as Callie sashayed away from me, tail held high, the dogs followed, one after another as they sniffed her butt.

I think it's safe to assume we have a new Queen to rule the household. 

Dogs are like men.  As long as you can captivate them by using whatever assets you have, you can get them to do your bidding. 

Me?  I'm a good cook, back scratcher and give a decent foot massage.  SM is still hanging around so I must be doing something right.  And he follows orders without too much argument.

Callie?  She twirls on the floor purring, enticing the dogs closer, and as long as her butt smells like Fillet Mignon, I expect she can get the dogs to do her bidding.

I think my jig-saw puzzle days are over, though.  She has commandeered the kitchen table.  I can barely keep her off the laptop as it is!

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  1. A lot like welcoming another kid into the family . . . only a lot easier! ;o}

  2. Freaking Cat has obviously got you under her spell! What a good kittie! :)

  3. Callie is a tortie! Tortitude is a true asset, you know.

  4. I have two kitty-twits: Lucy and Molly. Molly, in particular, loves the way the laptop keys feel beneath her butt. She also manages to find all the hidden function keys with her butt. She has even found a couple that I didn't know about and she always seems to turn the audio on HIGH.