"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Since the garden is pretty much a pasture (except for the flowers and green peppers), I've turned my interests inward.  House and home. Freshening up the décor.  New drapes, pictures, bathroom shower curtain, stuff like that.

SM says I'm nesting.

Last weekend I went shopping.  Now please understand that shopping is my least favorite thing to do mostly because is seems like such a waste of time.  I think shopping ranks slightly below cleaning the litter box on my list of favorite things to do. 

(Yes, cleaning the litter box has now been added to my daily list of things to do.  Actually twice daily.  Callie is as predictable a pooper as the dogs are even if she won't poop on command like the rest of the gang does.  But I digress...)

I had a 4 day weekend last week and it flew by simply because I was in the mood to shop.  Oh, yes people!  I must be in the mood to shop.  I shopped 5 hours alone on Saturday.  Pier One, Home Goods, World Market, Hobby Lobby...Have you been in a Hobby Lobby lately?  I hadn't but the sign said 50% off artwork so in I went.  Holy Moly does that store have it all. 

I haven't done crafts in years but my fingers were suddenly itching to buy some canvas and acrylic paints and have at it.  Pastels were calling my name.  Charcoal pencils and drawing paper.  (I used to an big into art when I was a kid.  Haven't touched it in YEARS.)

So I spent the day shopping for ideas for the house.  And then spent 3 hours on Monday returning half of it and buying more.  Ugh.  What a cycle.

But the house does look better.  Specifically the living room and guest bath.  I ended up rearranging furniture and have now set my sights on new bedding for the master which will no doubt cost an arm and a leg.  Have you seen the price of sheets and bed covers?

SM says all this nesting is costing him an arm and a leg.  He's hoping the weather breaks soon so I'll get distracted and want to work out in the yard instead.

I hate to tell him there's no mercy out there either.  I have a tree out front I want taken down.  By professionals.  It's too close to the house for SM and I to do it.  Then there's mulch to buy and spread and Fall is always a great time to hit the nursery's for end of the year sales on perennials and trees. 

Sorry Baby, feathering this nest isn't cheap but I'll do the best I can.

It could be worse. 

I could be shopping Pottery Barn.


  1. I'm not a shopper either. UGH! Time at the mall is time poorly spent.

    Glad you are enjoying the changes. Sometimes just the smallest change can make a big difference in how you see things.

  2. LOL you and your hubby are too cute! I agree with you on shopping though. The only time I enjoy shopping is if I have enough money to spend a decent amount of time at a book store.

  3. I'm not into the nesting mode yet (still out in the garden and/or working on our winter wood supply), but I sure have been noticing how things inside are looking pretty drab and shabby from neglect all summer.

    It's so good to hear there are those of us who DON'T like shopping. You hear so much about shopoholics I sometimes feel all women, but me, must be that way. When I do go shopping, I have my list in hand. I go, I find, I buy, I leave. As quickly as I can. Now, if I ever had an unlimited financial budget, maaaay-beee I could learn to think of shopping differently. ;o)

  4. I seem to find that need to move the furniture around about the time school starts. I did have that feeling but I didn't give in. Honestly there is no new way to move the furniture. We have had it in every possible arrangement and the way it is now seems to work the best. So my Husband got lucky and didn't have to move furniture. But a couple weeks ago he dug some nice big holes for the trees that I found on sale and had to bring home. ;)

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  5. Just be sure to buy stuff that blends in with the dog and cat hair colors!

    One more word: firewood!

  6. I love your new header photo! So cheerful.

    Actually I think winter time is the time to refocus on the home once again. That's just the way it is!

    I wanted to mention too, that I've changed my domain name so that your "My Blog List" is outdated and seems to have me giving up blogging. I'm still very active in blogland!