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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Malodorous Morning

I intended to enthrall ya'll with tales of our travels today but Callie jumped up on the table for her breakfast and assaulted me with a stinky ass.  Literally.

"What the...?"

As she purred around me I noticed a patch of something on her back near the base of her tail.  I grabbed a wet paper towel to investigate. 

Poop?  I thought cats were supposed to be clean?

I tried cleaning her up with the paper towel but there was too much of it.  The last time I gave a cat a bath I was accosted with teeth and claws.  And that was when Kiki was a kitten. 

I grabbed Callie and a towel and headed over to the kitchen sink and did the best I could with her.  I concentrated on her squirming back end mostly. 

I didn't get bit or clawed and she shot out into the garage to finish detailing herself.

"Yeah!  It's not me this time!"

There's still some residual funkiness in the air though.

"What's that I smell?"

Now I've got the "Smelly Cat" song in my head. 

Smelly cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault!

Yes it is! 

It is your fault!

Stop rolling in shit you freakin cat!


  1. Quite a few years ago we "tamed" a little feral cat we called Junior. He was young and had somehow managed to survive, mostly on lizards! Unfortunately, the lizards made him gassy, as in the stinky, make your socks roll up and down, kind. In polite company, we called these "muffins" and he eventually became known as "The Muffinator."

  2. Love the last picture - Stinky Cat's eyes say it all!

  3. Our first kitty would walk around with poop on her butt. Your Dad wiped it but then she would mew until he wiped her butt each and every time. We took her back to the SPCA.

  4. Stinky cat or not...I sure do love your headers! And I very much enjoy reading your blog too!!

  5. Is that an American Cocker? He is adorable. We call ours 'Stinky' by the way ;-)

    You are right, cats are clean and no cat would roll in a stink, I don't think. Ask a vet perhaps. You did Callie a big favor, bad as it must have been to deal with. Remember, there are lots of folks out there who just don't like cats so..just saying..if it happens again...

  6. I want to know where that song came from? And how did I miss it? :) I find that cats can out-stink dogs with one paw tied behind their backs.