"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Monday, October 7, 2013


My boss went to a corporate meeting a few weeks ago. 
She's been gone for most of the week so when we had a lull, I took the opportunity to fill her in on a few of the mini crisis's that I'd handled.
 One situation in particular had the potential to blow up if I hadn't addressed it quickly. 
"I hope you're OK with that."  I told her.
"Perfect.  You handled that the same way as I would have done."  Dr R replied.  "That's what I love about you.  You're a buffalo."
"Excuse me?"  I asked. And she then told me this story that a speaker at her meeting had told.
Are You a Buffalo or a Cow When it Comes to Problem Solving?

I heard a great story at my state convention about problem solving. The speaker was referring to problems solving, procrastination and putting off dealing with them.
Here is how the buffalo and the cow deal with the storms in their lives. When a storm is approaching the cow hunkers down. When it is finally near and there is no chance of escaping it's wrath he moves with the storm in the same direction the storm is traveling. By doing this he is prolonging the agony and brings more pain and discomfort upon himself.
The buffalo sees a storm coming and runs into the storm. By doing this, he travels through the storm faster cutting down on the time of his discomfort. Soon the storm is behind him and the skies are blue again. 

Do you tackle the problems first in your day or dwell on them and let them ruin your day?

Are you  putting them off hoping that they will go away?

By dealing with the problems first, you get them off your mind so you can handle the rest of the day with ease.  How do you handle your problems? Are you a Buffalo or a Cow when it comes to problem solving?
Later that day we had a group huddle with the rest of the staff.  Dr R was going through her list of updates and wanted to know what the status was of a project that a co-worker was in charge of.
"Where are we at with this?"  She asked.
"It's still on my desk."  My co-worker replied. 
"Hey!"  I said.  "You're a cow!" 
Her face looked so shocked as I smiled at her and went "Moo." 
Dr R and I burst out laughing. 
It's the little things....@;)


  1. A very appropriate post for me this morning. Moo. Must learn to be less like a cow. Want to be like a buffalo. (Does a buffalo moo, too?)

  2. I hope you let your co-worker know what the inside joke was about lol! I tend to be a bit of both, depending on the task and my attitude that day.