Walking With The Big Dogs

I try to walk 3 miles every morning now. 

The first mile is a sniffy mile with the dogs.  Start and stop.  Tug and pull.  After that first mile, I toss the pups back in the house and head out for 2 more at a higher pace. 

Yesterday, while standing at the neighborhood fire hydrant while my dogs collected their sniffy mail, I heard a "meow". 

I shined my flashlight down the street.  I see kitty eyed reflections coming towards me at a fast trot. 

Callie Cat wants to walk with the big dogs.

She's done this twice now over the past month.  I'm not sure where she comes from but the next thing I know she hops into the pack causing the dogs to come to a dead stop sniffing her and then she playful leaps back out.  She mostly walks behind us but occasionally darts out in front causing the dogs to lunge after her in chase mode.  If we get too far ahead, we hear her meow.  Then we stop and pause giving her a chance to catch up. 

Each time she's been with us she's walked the full mile around, then comes in the house for her meal, then sacks out.

So if you see this strange lady walking three dogs and a cat down the street give her a wide berth.  She's got her hands full.

Animals are amazing aren't they? 

This is the same cat that only a few months ago wouldn't allow the dogs within ten feet of her hunched up, slit eyed, spitting self. 

And look at her now. 

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