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Monday, December 16, 2013

A Polish Man In The South

A few weeks ago SM traveled back to "The Motherland", a small town in eastern Ohio where he got to hang with his peeps and eat, drink and be merry to his hearts content without having his wife of 27 years nag him into diabetic submission over all the bad food he was eating.

Did you know I was a nag? 

Oh yeah.  (raising my hand)

Although in my defense researchers do say that married men live longer and it's usually because the nag in their house is making him live a healthier lifestyle than said man would like.

Poor Baby.

Since I declined to go with him on his annual migration north, SM decided that (while he was up there) it would be his mission in life to find to a good Polish Market that could supply him with some of the yummy Slavic chow he grew up eating.

You know...The kind of food his good for nothing Missus would turn her nose up at. 

The kind of food that makes his Lipitor kick into overdrive.

The kind of food you smell before you even see it.

I didn't need to see his car parked in front of the house to know my baby was home.  Open door.  Inhale.

"Phew...What the...?"  I said as a greeting to my long lost spouse of four days.

I wandered into the kitchen and noted bags upon bags of miscellaneous stuff on my counter.

"I see you found Polish nirvana."  I said giving SM a smooch.

"Oh yeah.  I've got tons of kielbasy, pierogi, cookies and rolls."  SM crowed.

"What's in there?"  I asked pointing at a tub.

"Homemade sauerkraut."

"Well, I'm too tired to deal with this tonight.  Let's get this stuff refrigerated and I'll deal with it tomorrow."

The next day I called SM to help me sort through his loot.  He went to S&D Market in Pittsburgh.

He bought 4 different kinds of kielbasy, including some smoked sausage sticks. 
Three different pierogi flavors.  Nut and poppyseed rolls.  And Kolaczki cookies.

So we divided up the goodies and froze 2/3 of the sausages and pierogi's.  I then took the remaining sauerkraut and kielbasy and cooked them up along with reheating the pierogi's and fixed SM up a nice Polish feast.

Just consider this SM's version of the Grinch's Roast Beast.


  1. I think he should make it an annual ritual to celebrate his heritage.
    My mom learned to make Kolaczki cookies from a friend. They were yum!

  2. I have to admit a weakness for kielbasi. I think it's because we grew up near a large Polish neighborhood in Ohio. There is nothing better with sauerkraut!

  3. Oh, how I miss the Polish Delis in Chicago :( My Dad does bring me goodies when he comes visiting though. Kielbasa & those smoked snackie sticks ROCK! Good, smelly, Polish food......yum!