My New Crush

I've always heard about how women are attracted to The Bad Boy. 

Not me.  I was raised to be a good girl and never really got into the whole bad guy thing.

Until the last few years. 

Maybe it's the writing. 

Most definitely the acting. 

But I have been seduced to "The Dark Side" by the wonderful characters of Walter White from Breaking Bad,

and The Governor from The Walking Dead.

And now I have a new love. 

Raymond "Red" Reddington from The Blacklist.

Ruthless Red who makes me laugh with his sarcastic, quick witted brilliance and makes me cry with the unexpected depth of his regret. 

To be honest, I'd never paid any attention to James Spader as an actor before this.  But he owns this role.

Hook, line and sinker...I'm in.

It does give me pause though.  All these brilliant roles written for the boys. 

Where are the evil ladies?  Bad sure.  But evil? 

I can't think of many.  Just one.

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