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Monday, December 30, 2013

Renovation Realities

I watch more TV in the winter.  

Every weekend I usually have HGTV or DIY or The Food Network on as I bop around the house doing stuff.

The other day there was a marathon of Renovation Realities on and I got sucked in.

Now if you've never watched this show, it basically follows a couple of people as they take on a home renovation project for themselves.  

It was evening and SM had been watching sports in the other room but came and sat on the sofa in the room where the dogs and I hang out.

And he got sucked in too.

I tell you, watching this show is better than any horror movie out there.

"Don't do it!"  SM tells the TV. He leans forward.

"I can't watch!"  I squeak, covering my eyes but still peeking through my fingers.

After about an hour of this, SM gets up saying "I can't watch this anymore.  My blood pressure is through the roof!"

Even I have limits.  

They showed an episode where the couple was going to take on a replacement roofing project.  

I turned completely away.

Oh The Horror!


  1. I've seen that show. Some folks are lucky to be alive. Very scary...

    Love the new streamlined look of your blog!

  2. I watched the entire marathon. It makes me feel so much less inept when I watch some of the idiotic things they do (don't check the breakers fella, just cut that live wire!). I'm looking forward to HGTV carrying Rehab Addict next month. I always enjoyed that when we had the DIY channel.

  3. Been there, done some of those.