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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


SM is really just a big kid at heart. 

Particularly at Christmas time. 

Now I'm not talking about gifts or toys or games.  SM and I never got into the whole gaming thing with the Wii and Xbox.  Maybe if we were younger but it just never really popped with either of us. 

SM is really nostalgic.  He watches (and has saved on the DVR) every freakin Christmas cartoon, show and movie that has played this season.  There are 18 programs on the DVR as we speak.  From Rudolph and Frosty to Scrooge and It's a Wonderful Life, we have it all.

And tonight begins 24 hours of Ralphie. 

Oh Joy!

Last night he was watching Polar Express.  I wandered by and ruffled his hair as I walked by his recliner. 

"Whatcha watching?  Oh, Polar Express."  My tone flattened. 

"I hate this show.  The animation really freaks me out."  I proclaimed.

"You're such a Scrooge."  SM said.  "Actually you're a Scroogette."

"Yeah, that's me!  I'm a Scroogette!"  I crowed.  "Bah Freaken Humbug!"

All kids (and kids at heart) are naturally into Christmas and while I do enjoy some aspects of the Yuletide Season, by the time Christmas is actually here I've pretty much said "Enough already." 

I decorated the house so that all the Christmas lights and paraphernalia are in the living room where SM hangs out most of the time.  As I reached down to plug in the lights the other day, I stepped back and  mentioned to SM that it looks like someone vomited Christmas all over the room.  Everywhere you looked...Christmas. 

I have rarely seen SM look more pleased.

If I had my way I'd have it all packed away the day after.  But I usually wait until New Years to prolong the pleasure for SM. 

I don't have much use for Winter.  I do enjoy the downtime but I'd much rather be outside in the green leafy world of the growing season. 

I've tried to get SM to take me on a trip over the holidays.  Someplace warm, with a beach and lots of sunshine.  He wants nothing to do with it claiming that it just wouldn't feel like Christmas if he was anyplace but home.

He's right of course. 

It wouldn't feel like Christmas.  SM has seen through my evil plan once again...(Rubbing my hands together.)

"You're a mean one Mrs. Grinch"

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