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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Short But Sweet

I buried Callie Cat this morning.

We hadn't seen her since Tuesday morning. And when we didn't see her Christmas morning we figured she had moved on.

Callie adopted us back in August.  The Vet placed her at around 7 months at that time.  She was friendly enough but really only hung out in the house when the weather was bad or when she was hungry. 

So it was really only a matter of time.  Unless you have a kitten or adopt a cat that is only used to being inside, eventually something is gonna get you.

SM got a neighborhood alert email this morning when he got up a 5am.  The email said that a cat had been struck and killed last night around 8pm out on the main road that hugs our neighborhood.

I was already geared up to take the dogs out for their walk so I did a mile with them then brought them to the house and, grabbing a shovel, headed out to walk the main road.

Sure enough, there she was.  I crossed over the main road and buried her in the soft soil out in the field where she had undoubtedly been hunting only hours before.

Goodbye Callie Cat. You were a sweet cat. 
Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your life with us.


  1. We have had many a cat go off like that and get killed, it is just the way of out door cats I guess. Much of the time they are never found as they enter the food chain. Those cats seem to be happier out in nature like that, it is just in their make up. House cats have a different view of the world and what makes them happy.

  2. I'm so very, very sorry :( I'm glad she got to spend some quality time with you guys, but also hoping that she's already on her next journey. Maybe you'll run into each other again :)

  3. Oh darn, Tami, so sorry to hear this. Our daughter has lost two cats this year. Not taken out by "civilization" (cars or trucks) but by nature. They lived with her in a little cabin in the woods and had an indoor/outdoor life that I imagine most cats would consider heaven, but as you say, unless a cat lives totally indoors, their nine lives are gonna go by fast. Callie picked a wonderful place to spend her short life.

  4. It's a dangerous life for an indoor/outdoor cat. She was definitely a cutie pie, and I am glad you got to share a little time with her.

  5. She lived life on her terms. How many of us can say that? Sorry for the loss you're feeling.

  6. So sorry to hear. Our cat is half indoor and half outdoor- he comes in most every day to eat and hang out a bit but spends almost every night and most of the day while we are at work outside. He's had many cuts, bruises and once was grazed by a car or something and hurt his hip. Luckily he's been with us since 2007 (which is a long time for a halfie), but I know one day something will indeed get him. He wasn't happy strictly indoors and loves the outside. At least Callie Cat got to enjoy her time.

  7. Oh now I am crying. I am so sorry. I love my cats dearly and I know they don't live forever. We buried Chloe out in the garden just last year. It's hard to lose a friend that asks so little of you and gives so much in return. RIP Callie Cat.