System Overload

And so it begins. 

The busy season.

For some reason December through March tends to be our busy season.  The pace picks up.  The work day tends to be longer.

It was a 12 hour day yesterday with 10 of those hours on my feet.  Moving.  Pushing through.

This morning, I found myself hobbling around the house for the first few minutes.  Slowly my spine straightens, my feet flatten and my knees start to function.

I've found that when my body is screaming with discomfort the best thing for it is exercise.  So I hauled my butt around the hood for 3 miles, working out the aches and the kinks.

I feel much better now.

Too bad I can't unload my brain the same way. 

My head is buzzing. 

System Overload.

I feel like I'm spinning in a circle.

Too much information boiling in my head.

I need to decompress.

Thank goodness for the mundane simple tasks that need doing around the house each weekend. 

There is a comfort in running the vacumn cleaner back and forth across the carpeting.  In stuffing the washer with dirty clothes and folding the warm ones in piles. 

I've told SM to let me know what he wants to eat today.  I can't come up with a meal plan, but I can put things together and cook them.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something brilliant to say.

Until then, stay warm Ya'll!

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