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Monday, December 23, 2013

Talk Dirty To Me

Oh Yeah...I could listen to Sam all day.  And not just what he's saying but how he's saying it...

I am a carnivore. 
I like meat. 

If I knew I was eating my last meal on this earth, I'd have steak.  Medium rare please with a baked potato slathered in butter and some salt and pepper. 

Some nice crisp green beans on the side.


I went out Saturday and bought our "Roast Beast" for Christmas Dinner.  A nice long strip of tenderloin beef that set me back $63 bucks.

We don't eat steak very often around here. 

Burgers?  Yeah, they'll hit the grill a few times a month during summer.  In the winter I might manage a meatloaf or chuck roast every once in a while.

But steak?  Three times a year.  That's it.  And that's because a nice strip of tenderloin cuts up into three pieces quite nicely.

I would eat steak every day if I could.  And if I'm going to eat steak, I prefer to eat tenderloin and tenderloin ain't cheap.

I typically suck it up though and splurge for a full strip of tenderloin at Christmas time because you can usually find it on sale.  If you'd like to call $10.99 a pound "On Sale."

I then cut it into 3 sections, with the thickest piece for Christmas dinner.  The other two skinny pieces, I freeze for consumption later in the year when the "I just can't eat another freaken chicken" hits.

Some years I can't afford to do this but this year my employer sent out an email from HR that Obamacare rules said some nonsense that for 2012 we had "overpaid" our premium and that we'd get a $70 refund in our last paycheck of the year. 

Gee, Thanks

When I shared this fact with SM he advised... "Don't spend it all in one place."

Turns out, I did.  @;)

(Now hush up while I listen to Sam one more time.)


  1. Oh, yeah. Sam Elliott . . . his voice. Oh, yeah.

  2. Ok, that was nice. Now I want another steer. And Im going to listen to that again. Love that man.