"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

To Blog Or Not To Blog

That is the question I've been asking myself the past couple of months.

Everything has a lifespan.  A point in time when there's nothing more to be said.  

I wondered if I'd reached that point with this blog.

So I signed up for Facebook a few days ago.


I know, I know...I've been anti FaceBook for so long but felt that I was really missing out on the experience that all my friends and family have long since embraced.

I still a newbie on it but so far I don't see it as a platform for expressing my thoughts the way that my blog does.  

To be honest...It's kind of a yawn.

Facebook is short and sweet.  A daily blip on what's going on with your peeps. Kind of a "high five" as you go through your day.  Or a depressing note if someone decides to unleash their angst on all of their "friends".

Since I'm a meat and potatoes kinda girl, I think I need my blog to satisfy that part of me that needs to write creatively.  I have a voice that FB just can't understand or translate.  

Plus I like the thought of this blog being a journal of our life together.  The story of the up's and downs and quirks of a man and woman who decided 27 years ago to walk the same path together.  

Our story is not done yet.  I bet there's still something interesting right around the corner.

So I am committed to continue the blog for another year.  

New Year's is a favorite holiday of mine simply because I use it to evaluate where I'm at and where I'm heading.  I evaluate the changes I'd like to make and formulate a gameplan to accomplish them.  

I dream.

So I've been considering cosmetic changes to the blog.  You might see them over the next few days as I test them out.  

Let me know if you like them.  Or not.  That's cool too.

*  Just a shout out to anyone who might be getting the latest Blogger Error gwt.xml module error.  I'd been getting these for about a week or so and managed to work my way around them.  This morning I couldn't get into Blogger at all.  After doing a bit of poking around I found that this is a current issue with anyone using Internet Explorer and it appears that Blogger is working on it.  

Click here for a better description of the issue.  

I'm in Foxfire now to navigate in Blogger and that works fine. 


  1. By the way, I look forward to reading your blog. It is one of my favorites. Facebook, just does not compare to a good blog.

  2. Well, that's a relief. I thought I would have to go all whiney on you, begging you to keep it up. I find Facebook to be incredibly boring. Hardly anyone actually writes - it's more 'sharing'; other people's sharing of other people's sharing, ad nauseum.

    1. I agree and they say Facebook is over with the teens. I think it is over for all of us. It's time has passed.

  3. Yay, yay, yay! So, so glad you decided to stick with blogging! Not that I want you to strain your brain (or anything else) coming up with blog posts, but post when you want to (without putting stress on yourself) 'cause your post are ALWAYS interesting (and most often uplifting!) and I would really, really miss you if you went to Facebook exclusively. Yeah, sometime I feel I might be missing out on something because I don't do Facebook at all. I guess I feel my life is full enough without adding that to the mix. I, too, use my blog ramblings as a journal as to what's going on in our lives. Even looking back a year brings back memories that have long since fallen out of my head and would be gone, gone, gone if it were not for my blog.

    I'm with Susan . . . what a relief you chose to stick with your blog. Yay!

  4. Several things. #1 You can make your blogs into a book at Blogs2Print. Can be paperback or hard bound. We get each years made into a book. Someday they won't let us old farts near a computer but we can read a book. #2 By clicking on the word "More" at the top left of your blog you can "share" it on Facebook. #3 As fulltime traveler's and away from our family Facebook is our way of communicating with our family and friends. Case in point. I have a great granddaughter, as you know, I got to see her take her first steps thanks to a video posted on Facebook. I even got to visit with you with Facetime and there is a way also to do it when on Facebook. Of course, I haven't figured out how to set it up. Did with one friend in Canada. It's great you are catching up with your Mom electronically.

  5. Don't stop blogging! I find facebook sooooo annoying. I really don't care what my friends friends friends are doing, or what games they are winning, and sometimes their comments are downright embarrassing. Some of my favorite bloggers have gone strictly to FB, and it's not as personal or as comfortable for me as bringing up their blog page. I don't know why, I guess because FB is so cluttered with too many messages. My mind doesn't multi-task well.

  6. Glad you're gonna keep on keepin' on. I'm still not on Facebook with no plans to head that way.
    Looking forward to seeing the changes you make. Wish I could figure out some of the things I'd like to do on my blog. It just all takes so much time...
    Happy New Year!

  7. Oh thank God you staying with us!!!! I haven't started to blog yet but I so enjoy reading yours. I would REALLY miss you.

  8. I am happy that you are going to continue to blog!

    Thank you for the heads up about where that "module" stuff is coming from. It pops up on my screen quite often, I "x" it out and it goes away for awhile and then comes back again. Annoying. I hope they get it straightened out without me having to figure out how to change anything.

  9. Glad you're sticking around. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and would be so sad to see you stop.

  10. Blogger (thanks to google) is definitely getting worse. That said, blogs definitely have a place in the cyber world! I chuckled about facebook, I've always been anti too but was told it was an excellent way to promote my book, so after swearing "never," I took the plunge too. It's a different venue from blogging, so I am delighted that you're going to do at least one more year of it.

  11. Please keep blogging. I am in Virginia and like to keep up with gardeners near by. I do enjoy your blog.

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  13. I would suggest joining the Grow Share Charlotte page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/113006355406147/

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jovardy. It looks like a nice site!