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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why You Little....

I ran out to run a few local errands.  I couldn't have been gone an hour.  But that was long enough for Ginny.

Just so ya know the pill bottle splint doesn't work.  Not with a dog who can wrap her jaws around it and crack the pill bottle.  I'd even put the sock on before I left to keep her from messing with it!

I came home to a fresh bloody tail, tape and bandages in a pile on a soggy blanket and Ginny looking contrite and she stood there shaking like a leaf.  She knew I was mad.

The obvious solution is an E-collar.  I know it and I hate it just as much as the dog does.  So I'll be running to the vets tomorrow to get one. 

Until then, I poked around the garage and found a 6 inch length of PVC pipe.  I cleaned the pipe, cleaned her tail, wrapped about a foot of her tail in flexible bandage as a cushion, inserted her tail in the tube, then taped the pipe to the bandage and to her fur towards the base of her tail.

The tip is far enough up there that she can't get to it, but I still can.  Hopefully, this will hold until I get the E-collar.

What a pain!


  1. Oh Tami, I'm so sorry about poor Ginny but when I scrolled down and saw the pic of her I almost fell off my chair laughing. She looks so forlorn with that big pipe hanging off of her. Still chuckling.

  2. Do you have any bitter apple? You can get bitter apple from the pet store. Just spray it on the outside of the bandage and most dogs will leave it alone because it tastes bad. Spray it on the bandage in good air circulation because it can make you cough.
    In a pinch I have had clients use Tabasco sauce, too. However, most dogs don't seem to mind it and you want to make sure it doesn't get on the skin or the sore.

  3. Ouch, hope Ginny is feeling a bit better now! If anything it's a lovely accessory.