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Friday, January 10, 2014

Carolina Blue

The dark days of winter can be exceptionally trying for most of us.

I know it's always been hard for me.  The desire for warmer, sunnier winters was the one of the reasons SM and I ditched the cold, gray skies of Ohio sixteen years ago. 

But since moving here I now realize what I was really starved for.


When you're suffering through day after day, week after week of mud, snow, rain and ice, you start to feel kinda like Dorothy in Kansas.



Shades of brown, white and gray.  

I know that's how I felt from December through April when we lived in Ohio.

And then we moved to North Carolina and suddenly I'm in Oz.  


Everywhere I looked there was color.  (And maybe the odd munchkin or two...@;)

Winter is not all that hard to tolerate around here.  The worst of it is right now.  January and February.  Classic gray skies.  Mostly rainy weather but sometimes some ice and snow.  

Once March hits it's Color Me Happy.

But even on the darkest most miserable days you can count on the fact that Carolina Blue is not far off.

Carolina Blue?  

What's that you say?

Carolina Blue is what I walk out into most days.  It's a blue sky unlike any other blue I've ever seen. 

I'd take a picture of it but I don't think it would translate.  Maybe you have to be under it, to see the pale, white blue of the horizon slowly swell in intensity until it's the rich blue over your head.

As soon as we moved here I noticed it and it's been my friend through thick and thin.  I can be having the most miserable day and yet if I stick myself outside underneath that sky and look up, I get happy all over again.

Now I know that there are areas out in the country with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  

I can't say that ours are all that great.  Maybe every now and then we get a good one. 

But I doubt there are many blue skies out there that can match ours.


  1. I can relate...
    Enjoy the blueness...

  2. Ya gotta come to Minnesota, gal. One of the first things we noticed when we started coming up here from Illinois was the brilliance of the Minnesota sky. Yep, we immediately started calling it "Minnesota Blue." I must admit you might have a leg up on us though as we rarely see it in the winter time. Maybe we gotta come to North Carolina!