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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Evil Falls From The Sky

Yesterday, our part of the world was warned that a winter snow storm was coming around evening rush hour. 

We all tippy-toed around at work as our patients were rescheduled to come in earlier in the day or switched to another day altogether.  Staff came in my office looking out the window..."Is it snowing yet?" Was the constant refrain.

Southerners take snow seriously.  We just don't know how to deal with this white evil that falls from the sky.  Let alone know what to do with it once it's on the ground. 


Schools closed early.  Brine and sand trucks coated the city streets.  My boss let us go at 3pm.  My drive home was quiet.

Nary a flake was in sight.  And I was SO glad. As a transplanted Northerner I learned years ago to just deal with the drama the white stuff provides around here.  

How do I deal?  I get home and stay home.

Around 5 it started snowing.  The small, dry flakes.  Not the pretty wet snow that SM and I had hoped for.

This morning I opened my front door to this.

I wandered over and turned on the TV.  This mornings news shows reported that police dealt with over sixty...SIXTY...accidents last night.  Over this itty bitty little snow.  Can you believe it?

SM and I spent most of our adult lives driving in the white stuff back in Ohio.  But now that we live here in the south we know better than to stick a foot outside while the white stuff is on the ground.  These people are nuts I tell ya.

I'll be spending this morning baking cookies.  I might get called in to go into work this afternoon.  If I do I might have to deal with this...

School is out after all...


  1. I have a friend in Atlanta whose wife got tangled up in their traffic jam and was unable to make it home last night. What a mess.
    I'll have to trudge out to the barn in a few minutes to put out some hay for the goats. Then I'll go over to the shed and load the stove with wood. I'll make sure the chickens have water. I can't foresee any reason to drive anywhere today. And, for the reasons you mention, I'm very grateful for that. :)

  2. The one snow plow and one sand truck are working overtime!

  3. I got stuck behind a "careful" driver coming home in the snow.I say snow but you could see the pavement on the main 2-lane and we were going 25, people were having to pass the guy on double lines. I can see driving like that on ice or deep snow but really.

  4. I live in one of the cities near Atlanta and it took me 3.5 hours to travel the barely 8 miles home from work. 2 of those hours were spent getting about 2 miles down the road, then I travelled backstreets until I had to park and walk the last mile because a bunch of cars couldn't make it up a couple of hills. I'm just thankful I made it home; a lot of folks spent the night in their cars. Ice and snow doesn't happen often here, but it's quite a mess when it does. It was heartening, though to see how people pitched in to help one another, and were friendly as we walked together.

  5. Mr. foresterman spent a forestry year down in Mississippi -

    and an old timer down there told him - "stay off the roads if it snows!"...mr foresterman smiled and said "but I lived in wisconsin and Wyoming, so i think i can handle it" and the old timer replies -

    "its not you im worried about, its all the others who will plow into you!!"



  6. People are funny. Even here in northern MN there are always more driving accidents during the first snow of the season than the whole rest of the winter. Do we check our bad weather driving brains at the door come spring? Do we completely forget over the summer months that snow is s-l-i-p-p-e-r-y? Do remember that even though you and SM know how to drive in the white stuff, most everyone else out there doesn't! Stay safe.