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Friday, January 3, 2014

Uh...Not So Fast

I got up early again this morning.  


Intentionally this time.  We have an early start time at work today.  Long surgery day scheduled.

Anyhoo...I wanted to take my time and wake up with a nice tall glass of Diet Mt Dew, my weapon of choice.  

I wanted to take an hour and relax and catch up on your blogs.

I wanted to have plenty of time to head out for my daily 3 mile excursion into the dark winter morning.

But as I'm sitting here surfing your sites, the windows start to shake, the awning is snapping and I feel a cold draft around my ankles.

It dies down for a second then BANG as the wind hits the windows once more.

Holy Crap!  I flick over to Intellicast and see that it's 25 out there but with a wind chill of 14.

I glance around at the dogs, who after having been let out to do their morning business, are all curled tightly into balls in their various snuggly spots.


Maybe I won't go out and freeze my buns off all for a little excersice.  Maybe I should take a cue from my dogs.


  1. Stay inside. Because I said so.

  2. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I heard the wind howling in the middle of the night. Hope your day goes quickly so you can get back home and snuggle with the pups.

  3. Yes. 17 on the homestead this morning. Our walk was brisk to say the least. I do see a couch, pillows and blankets in my future later today.

  4. Very wise decision, O Wise Woman! We have a real warm-up in temp . . . just for today. 8° now at 8:30 a.m. but with a wind blowing (wind chill advisories out) and a forecast of 100% chance of snow today, 6-9". Then, drat and blast, back down, down, down into the deep freeze again for us. This is turning out to be a cold winter for many of us, isn't it?