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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Back twenty some odd years ago when we lived in Ohio, I'd read an article about forcing Paper Whites to flower in your house during the winter.

Shallow pan, a bit of decorative stone to support the bulbs and some water.  Voila!  Fresh flowers in Winter.  How easy is that? 

I thought I was the bomb for putting it all together but then the paper whites actually bloomed. 

Phewy!  They were the stinkiest flowers! 

Have you ever tried growing them inside?  Could you stand the smell? 

I chucked them soon after and that was that. 

Until this year.

As you know, for me it's all about flowers around here. 

Freaken flowers everywhere!  On the curtains, on the pillows.  SM is even sleeping under a new quilt I bought during a Christmas sale with subtle flowers on it. 

Oh, the humiliation!

Back in December, I planted lots of spring blooming bulbs out in our front yard that, if they survive the resident squirrel invasion, will provide us with a colorful display here in about a month or so.

But I kept six tulip bulbs back. 

Whaa Haa Ha.

I grabbed 6 mason jars, filled them with potting soil and stuffed a tulip bulb in each jar. 

Then I stuck them in the fridge.

"What's that?"  SM asked back in December, pointing at the jars on the bottom shelf of the fridge. 

Glancing in, it kinda looked like some kind of brownie or cookie desert.  I couldn't blame the guy for asking.  I've seen Oreo deserts that looked like potting soil.

"Tulips."  I replied with a shrug.  "It's an experiment.  Remember the paper whites?"

SM made a face.

"Well, these won't be stinky."  I assured him, crossing my fingers. 

I've never really messed with tulips before, indoors or out.  They're beautiful flowers to be sure but they don't seem to stick around for very long and I like a little bang for my buck. 

But I figured beggars can't be choosers.  Mama's got to have some spring time hope to get me through the winter blahs.

I pulled the jars out of the fridge a few weeks ago, placed them on a shelf in The Nook and started to water them.

And now look at what I've got.

I'll post again when they actually flower but I'm pretty excited.  This should get me through until March when I start the tomatoes.

What do you have growing that gets you through the dark days of winter?


  1. Tami, that's fantastic! I should try this with the tulips plants my son gave me for mothers day last year.

    I confess I hadn't heard of white papers. From your description, however, sounds like its just as well.

  2. Hmmm perhaps we won't be growing paper whites either!! However, planting flower bulbs is a great idea to add a little color and joy while we wait for Winter to end and beauty of Spring to emerge. Keep us updated on the tulips! Also-super cute putting them in mason jars!

  3. I have the same issue with the aroma (stink) of Easter lilies. Can't get within ten feet of them without getting a nauseating headache.

    What do I have growing in the house now? Dust. Debris from our heating wood. Grime on windows I can hardly see through. (Yep, it's lovely around here. Martha Stewart would be right at home. Not.)

    Your idea of plopping the tulip bulbs in the mason jars was brilliant. Eager to see the blooms. I'll let them vicariously brighten my day!

  4. Can't wait to see the blooms!

  5. They are already brightening winter up, just seeing their leaves! Every year in the depths of winter I plan on getting some bulbs to force, and come fall, I am still busy with the yard and garden and don't buy any. I am writing notes on my calendar, as soon as I finish typing this, to buy some bulbs so I can have some spring flowers in the depths of winter.

    I can't wait to see your tulips in bloom!

  6. Fantastic! Tulips are one of my favorites, but we can't grow them here. Enjoy the magic!