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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crusty vs Cushy

Just a quick note to say that we're fine and our power is still on.  Yeah!

The sleet that came down overnight formed a thick inch of crust that the dogs just LOVED

As in they stepped down into it and froze, looking back at me like "WTF?" 

Then they high stepped it after I yelled "Go Potty" and blocked their return to the steps forcing them to do their business. 

Life is not fair and on days like today, I'm glad I'm not a dog.  At least when it comes to that.  Being a dog in my house is actually a pretty cushy gig.  As I type this all three are sacked out snoozing the morning away.

Can't say the same for SM.  I can survive enforced periods of house-bound solitude.  SM is already starting to prowl, pacing back and forth looking out various windows as if the view might change.  Note to self - Buy Decaffeinated Coffee for times like these. 

I'd post a picture but really...snow is snow...Belch.

SM is itching to get out and start the clean-up but we're forecast for one last blast of heavy snow before this system moves outta here later this afternoon.

Then we'll de-crustify the cars, sidewalk and driveway.  Maybe take a walk and see what's happening on the county roads. 

The sun will be our best friend over the next few days as it melts all this snow and ice away. 

Can't happen soon enough for me.


  1. Ah, yes. The life of Dog. Scrappy give me the Stink Eye when it's less than 60 degrees out and there is precipitation. Makes me glad that I'm the Alpha.

  2. Good to hear you're surviving with no problems so far. (Well, except for the caged animal . . . oops, I mean your dear husband.) Back in my childhood days in Illinois, my dad drove everyone up the wall during a snowstorm. Every time an inch accumulated on the ground, he had to go out and shovel it. Then he'd come in and grump when another inch covered it all again. Out he'd go to shovel again. Over and over this would go on until the snow stopped falling. He just couldn't stand to see any kind of a build-up.

    We're getting snow here, too, this morning. The accompanying wind makes it hard to tell how much is falling. Whatever will be, will be. Sure is purdy though . . . if you like this type of thing. :o)