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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Global Warming

So I'm sitting there working up a middle aged male patient the other day when I hear "Oh God..." from his wife who is sitting somewhat behind me.

I turn to see her flapping her hand frantically at her face.  She's got that wide eyed, desperate "I'm going to spontaneously combust" look on her face that I know so well myself.

Without a word, I hand her my clipboard so she can increase the wind gusts around her.

"How'd you know?"  She asks.

I point to my size 11 neon pink tennis shoes and say "Sometimes I don't know which is brighter.  My face or my shoes.  Give me a minute and I just might come up with a sympathy hotflash for you."

I then turn to the husband and say "Wouldn't you just love that?  Stuck in a room with two menopausal women having a hotflash at the same time?"  He just shook his head at me and smiled. 

"In fact..."  I say turning back to the wife..."I have this theory.  You can blame global warming on the fact that all these Baby Boomer women are going through menopause at the same time."

"It ain't carbon emissions Baby, it's hotflashes!!"


  1. Love your humor. You could write a book about gardening AND menopause. That would get attention .

  2. Sounds reasonable to me. All that heat has got to go somewhere!

  3. Hang in there. There is relief ahead.

  4. Ha! That's a riot! But only if it's not true. Hmmmmm....;0D