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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Simply Super Seafood Chowder

I was out walking this morning with the dogs and ran into Joe and Betsy. 

We hadn't seen each other for a while so we caught up on gossip for a few minutes.  When the conversation stalled I asked... 

"Are you guys staying put for the Super Bowl or are you getting together?" 
(*I, personally could give a rats a$$ about the Super Bowl but everyone else seems to care about it so it's an easy conversation to have.)

"Well, we were invited to our friends house and it was supposed to be just us but now they're turning it into a party and they want Joe to cook his chili and bring it over for everyone."  Betsy said.

"I don't mind cooking."  Joe tossed out.

"Must be some good chili if it's a special request."  I offered.

"Oh, Joe's chili is The Best."  Betsy replied. 

"What are you guys doing tonight?"  Joe asked.

"Oh, staying home for now." 

"Are you making anything special?"  Betsy asked.

Now SM usually likes various munchies for football games.  You know, pizza, veg tray, chips and dips, chili.  But when we were at the store on Friday, I had mentioned that I hadn't made my infamous seafood chowder in a while.  Probably more than a year. 

SM lit up like a firecracker.  Game on!

I'd planned on making the soup Saturday, but then got sick.  So I figured today was the day.

"Seafood Chowder!"  I told Betsy.  "I haven't made it in a while so it's kind of a special dish."

"How do you make it?"  Joe asked.  I told him.  And since there's nothing else to post about today, here's my version of my Simply Super Seafood Chowder.

Start with some Basic Homefries-

In a stockpot or Dutch Oven on medium heat, take -

1 small diced onion (Yeah Copra storage onions!)
4 tablespoons of butter and a splash of olive oil to prevent burning.  Once then onions are nicely browned, take 3-4 medium red skinned potatoes, diced (approximately 4 cups) and fry those up.

When they've got that nice crust and crunch on them, I toss in the rest of the butter and start to add my seafood.

I like a meaty chowder so adjust the ingredients to your own taste.  First, I added -

2 lbs of raw skinless cod filets cubed.
1 pound of shrimp, tails removed.

Let this cook down a bit. 
Once the fish is boiling again add...
2 cans of Baby Clams with juice.
2 cans of Crab Meat with the juice (remove the little piece of paper)
I like to add 2 cups of frozen corn for color, crunch and sweetness. 

Bring it back up to a boil.

Then lastly, I add the milk (2 cups) and turn down the heat to low so I don't burn the chowder.  (I suppose you could use Half and Half if you want but good old milk (along with the butter) works just fine for us. 

Simmer on low for awhile.  I think soup is better when it's "slow cooked."   The flavors meld as the soup reduces.  This chowder simmered for another hour before I turned it off and let it cool.  Be sure to stir frequently and taste test for additional salt and pepper.  I like a peppery chowder.

SM likes oysters.  I do not.  So when SM makes himself a bowl of Chowda he'll put some oysters in his bowl first.

Serve with some toasted crusty garlic bread or soup crackers if you wish.


Does this mean I'm rooting for the Seahawks?


  1. Tammy, you are making me very HUNGRY.
    lucky SM

  2. Sounds deelish! You did make a speedy recovery from your 24-hour bug. Otherwise, I don't think you could have managed to whip up that chowder. Is there any left still? We can leave in about half an hour . . . just sayin'.

  3. Oh, wow! Does that sound wonderful!!! Too bad I took the 'no shopping' pledge. Maybe I should drive to LI Sound and go fishing....in June.