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Saturday, February 15, 2014

T Minus One Month

The end of February is supposed to be onion planting time around here. 

At least according to the Dixondale Zipcode Guide

My time to order my onion sets is coming up soon.  Real soon.  Have I ordered them yet?  Nope. 

If I place an order I have to be prepared to get them in the ground within a week of delivery and there's no way we're ready for that.  

I looked back in my Blog Archive (don'tcha love that thing?) just to be extra double checky sure and discovered that last year I also delayed planting until the first part of March.  And it was a cold March last year.

This is also the time of year I start to break out the hoop house supplies and get that set up.  Curious, I looked in the archive to see that I'd planted the lettuce, peas and carrots by mid-March.

OK.  If past history is anything I can trust, we've got one month to go.

So why do I get the feeling that this year I should delay even further?

The weather has been yo-yo-ing so much that I just don't feel that can't trust it yet. The 8 inches of snow that plopped down on us is slowly melting.  We're forecast for warmer temps (70's?) later in the week but also more rain.  That's good I guess.

So why do I still feel hesitant? 

It might seem strange to you but I usually watch what happens with the weather in Ohio and Pennsylvania to give me clues as to when the Springtime Shift has begun.  Once that moderation begins in their region I feel a little bit better about starting things around here.

Springtime starts with a BANG here.  One day it's winter, the next it's Spring.  I don't expect that will change anytime soon.

SM and I better start stretching our muscles.  Pruning the fruit trees and adding more composting soil to the garden beds can be done over the next few weeks.

If it dries out enough. 

So what's your vibe?  Are you getting the feeling it'll be a late Spring?


  1. I think it will be a late spring too and we live in southwest Ohio

  2. We had snow up the wazoo here in Virginia though the next week the temperature is supposed to "soar" into the 40s. There's going to be a lot of mud around here real soon.

    BTW, two of my guys kids live in PA, they are snowed under worse than us.

    What do you plant first? We haven't tried the hoops yet. Maybe next year. Our first crop is usually, spinach, micro lettuce and green beans. This year we will also try some kale.

  3. I KNOW it will be a late spring here (northern MN) this year! Of course, we're always "late" compared to all the rest of you who don't live so close to the Arctic Circle. ;o) It's going to be a long time until our snow melts this spring. We've had so much of it. We stored the 3' high screen cages down at the end of the garden and they are completely covered right now. We got close to a foot and a half during the last three days and now there's another dumping of somewhere around 8" to hit us tonight/tomorrow. At least there shouldn't be any fire danger this spring!