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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missing...In Action

I'm here.

Really, I am.

I just haven't had much time to read your posts let alone consider writing one of my own. 

I haven't been on Facebook in over a week.  (Oh, The Horror) 

Work is busy enough sure.  But what's really kicking me in can is the yard work. 


To all my sweet friends who are suffering under piles of snow, I am whining about the sore muscles and stiff back of forcing an underused, sluggish body into the bend, twist, reach, shift, yank of Spring. 

I have been pestering SM all Winter to "Call the Guy" and get our front yard trees taken out.  Last Wednesday morning, I saw the green tips of my Spring flowering bulbs popping up through the mulch and threatened SM.

"Give me the cards."  I stood over SM at his desk with my hand out asking for the business cards SM had collected from tree removal business.  "I'll take care of it myself!" I threatened.

"Go to work.  I'll take care of it."  SM replied, not in anyway intimidated by my attitude.  (He has lived with me for close to thirty years after all.)

And take care of it he did. 

SM tells me that Tree Guy got to our house within 30 minutes and took out the birch, the pear and ground the stumps.  He also decapitated the 3 "tree sized" hollies down to shrub size.  And did it all in 3-4 hours.  SM says he must've hit the dude during a  s l o w  week.

SM is horrified at how wide open the front yard is now.
I'm happy as a clam with having a new blank palate to play with.

But before I can plant new stuff, I gotta haul tree guts out of the yard.  Tree Dude offered to leave all the mulch behind but I wasn't prepared for mountains of mulch (not with a rainy week ahead.) 

So I told SM to have him take it away.  But where each tree stood is a mound of stump grindings that I've been hauling to the backyard garden to toss in the walkways.  There's more of it there than what you might think. 

So that's what's up. 
I'm here.
But not in the cyber world. 

Pictures to come, I'm sure. 
Once I have time to fuss with the freaken camera.


  1. Ooooooooooooooooh, wish I could've had that mulch! Looking forward to seeing the changes. Glad you are thawing out!

  2. Oh just think of what you can plant in those spots. We had a redbud taken down last year. I replanted witha redbud because it is my favorite. Have fun!

  3. Ooooh, now you're making me itchy to get out and play in the dirt! Unfortunately, I'm one of your "sweet friends who are suffering under piles of snow" (hee-hee) and it's gonna be a while before I can exchange my 6 or 7 layers of clothing and put on a pair of light-weight of gardening pants and join in the fun. In the meantime, pictures of your efforts, please!

  4. Send me your tree guy! My husband has been promising me a tree guy for 2 years! You are going to have so much fun creating your new yard...I can't wait to see your progress.

  5. Please call me. Lost your number